When Precision Meets Safety: Axiom’s Accu-Pour and Accu-Tech

When Precision Meets Safety: Axiom’s Accu-Pour and Accu-Tech

At Axiom Products, we understand the importance of getting accurate measurements and safe pours every time, and in every situation. That is why we developed Accu-Pour measuring pitchers built to stand up to the toughest challenges. And it was our customers that inspired the creation of Accu-Tech, our line of safety products. We could see a need for chemical handling products to go along with the measuring pitchers because so many of our customers are using them with a substance or chemical that requires safety gloves or goggles. Together, we can provide the safety products that are essential for use when measuring your products accurately and safely. Here’s more on how they work well together for your needs.

Tip and Pour Pitcher

All of our Accu-Pour products are designed to be user-friendly with comfortable, safe finger hold – even in gloves – and no-drip spouts:
Squeeze and Pour: Carry your liquid sealed, then just squeeze the bottle to fill the measuring chamber.
Tip and Pour: Simply tip the container to fill measuring chamber until the desired level is reached.
Measuring Scoops: Ideal for powders and other dry, granular products.

We completed extensive testing in the development phase of our Accu-Pour measuring products to ensure accuracy. This, coupled with the molding-in of the graduations on the measuring pitchers, ensures that measurements stay the same for every use. You won’t need to worry if you’ve measured the correct amounts or the lines rubbing off during use or in the wash.


At Axiom Products, we also know how important accurate pours are, so our pitchers have excellent pouring control providing complete control from a fine trickle to a fast pour. Manufactured from a food grade polypropylene that has high chemical resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, Accu-Pour offers sturdy construction. Some chemicals can begin to break down pitchers or buckets made from lower-quality materials. Not only can this become dangerous, but it can also mean replacing your measuring tool sooner. With Accu-Pour, you’re getting only the best materials, meaning your tools will last.

Our unique Accu-Pour handle gives exceptional user comfort, even with a gloved hand since we know they are often used that way. So it was natural to offer a line of gloves that work seamlessly with Accu-Pour. Accu-Tech safety equipment provides protection with no loss of performance or dexterity because when you’re handling chemicals or substances, confidence is vital.

Green Nitrile Gloves

From accurate measuring to safety equipment, we offer tools you can count on. Accu-Pour products are designed to provide precise pouring and accurate measurements. Their versatility makes them an ideal solution for nearly every application no matter what you need to measure. Paired with our Accu-Tech safety tools, Axiom Products can provide the ultimate in safety to our customers. Whether you are spraying or handling chemicals, Accu-Tech products provide both protection and precision.

With a variety of products, Axiom can ensure you’re making safe, accurate measures and pours each and every time. Contact us today to learn more.