PPE Goggles

Axiom Products carries a selection of ready-to-use indirect-vented goggles and non-vented goggles to meet or exceed the chemical handling safety needs of your employees or customers.

Chemical Handling PPE Goggles

Axiom Products offers two different types of PPE gogglesindirect-vented goggles and non-vented goggles—to address the chemical handling safety requirements of even the most exacting customers. Our products are designed to be retail ready and come prepackaged, so they’re ready for display at your store or everyday use at your facility.

Product features:

  • Fog-free for enhanced visibility in a range of environments
  • Impact-resistant for improved safety in indoor and outdoor work areas
  • Durable strap to keep goggles securely in place while working
  • Lightweight enough to provide all-day comfort and protection

Take a look at our two PPE goggle options below to decide which you’re ready to stock.

Indirect-Vented Goggles


  • Can be worn alone or over prescription glasses
  • Side vents improve airflow to prevent fogging while still protecting eyes from chemical splashes
  • Adjustable rubber strap fits most head sizes
  • Order #H152002
Axiom PPE goggles

Axiom PPE goggles

Non-Vented Goggles


  • Can be worn alone or over most prescription glasses
  • Ideal for anhydrous ammonia applications and other applications where vapor exposure may harm eyes
  • Adjustable elastic strap fits most head sizes
  • Order #H152004

Indirect-Vented Goggles vs. Non-Vented Goggles

Are you trying to decide whether to stock indirect-vented or non-vented goggles at your store? Our indirect-vented goggles are suited for most chemical handling applications, including mixing, spraying, and disposing. The side vents enable breathability while providing splash, dust, and spray protection in both indoor and outdoor environments. If all-day comfort and wearability are a priority, our indirect-vented offer the best option.

Our non-vented goggles provide superior vapor protection in environments where vapor exposure is possible. They are completely sealed and don’t have any vents, so they deliver maximum protection against impact, splashing, dust, and caustic vapors. However, that also means they aren’t as breathable and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The Importance of Goggles to Splash Protection

Whenever you’re handling, mixing, or disposing of chemicals, there’s an inherent risk of chemicals splashing into the eyes. That’s why Axiom Products always recommends you wear PPE goggles anytime you’re dealing with liquid chemicals, particularly in these industries:

If your store serves customers in these industries, make sure you’re stocking both indirect-vented and non-vented goggles to provide proper PPE equipment for a range of applications.

Axiom PPE goggles

Start Your Order for PPE Goggles Today

Axiom Products is quickly becoming the go-to chemical handling safety supplier for retailers and companies across the nation. We design all of our products, so they’re ready for retail sale or everyday use while providing your customers and employees with the highest quality equipment available on the market today. When you place an order, we strive to get it shipped within 48 hours, so there’s a good chance you can start stocking our goggles at your store this time next week.

Send us a message or give us a call to get your order started today.

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