Chemical Measuring Scoops and Cups

Axiom Products offers customizable and ready-to-use chemical measuring scoops and cups for guaranteed accuracy when handling dry or liquid substances.

Our ACCUPOUR Chemical Measuring Spoons and Cups

When you’re handling chemicals, the smaller the quantity, the more critical the accuracy of measurements. Axiom Products delivers accurate, quality chemical measuring scoops and cups that provide consistent, reliable measurements, even in smaller quantities.

Axiom Products sells standard measuring scoops and cups by case quantity that are ready for use at your facility or sale at your store, and we offer custom imprinting options to showcase your brand’s name or logo.

Axiom measuring scoops
Axiom measuring scoops
Axiom measuring scoop

Chemical Measuring Scoops

Our chemical measuring scoops are designed to simplify the handling and measuring of dry chemicals. Made of high-density polypropylene, our scoops are chemical resistant and designed to withstand everyday use for a range of applications.

Axiom measuring scoop

Graduated Measuring Cups

These aren’t the measuring cups you’d find in your mother’s kitchen. Our food-grade, industrial-strength measuring cups deliver consistent accuracy for measuring liquids with molded scales that are the same whether you order 100 or 100,000.

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Custom Branding Options

We stock ready-to-use measuring cups and spoons, but we also provide the option to customize them in sizes and scales for your specific applications. Our team can help you incorporate your logo into the design to market your brand with high-quality, reliable measuring instruments.

Axiom measuring scoop

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Whether you’re interested in customizing measuring cups and spoons or you’re ready to order a case to stock at your store, Axiom Products is here to help. Send us a message with your order details, request a complimentary product sample, or inquire about customization options to get started today.

ACCUPOUR Measuring Pitchers

Measuring scoops and cups are ideal for handling smaller quantities of chemicals, but we realize your customers or employees often have to work with larger quantities, and that’s what our ACCUPOUR measuring pitchers are designed for. They feature a durable, ergonomic design and are made from food-grade polypropylene that’s chemical resistant for virtually any application.

ACCUPOUR Measuring Containers

Together with a complete line of chemical measuring pitchers, Axiom Products also offers chemical measuring containers that provide an easy-to-use solution when your employees or customers are working in the field or have to store chemicals in vehicles or cabinets. Our measuring containers offer the same degree of accuracy as our pitchers while also making it easy to transport and store chemicals on the go.

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