Measuring Containers and PPE Equipment for Medical Chemical Handling

Axiom Products specializes in supplying customizable liquid measuring tools and PPE equipment for medical chemical handling applications in hospitals and urgent care facilities.

Prioritize Medical Chemical Handling Safety, Precision, and Accuracy With Axiom

When you operate in healthcare and medicine, lives are at stake when mistakes are made, and there’s little to no room for error. At Axiom Products, we designed our line of chemical handling equipment to minimize the risk of mistakes when measuring or mixing substances.

Our Accu-Tech PPE equipment keeps workers protected, while our ACCUPOUR chemical measuring tools provide accurate and reliable measurements to meet the demands of the industry. Our ACCUPOUR line is both chemical resistant and food safe, making it ideal for healthcare and medical applications. We also offer the option to customize our measuring products with your hospital or healthcare organization’s logo on all of our measuring products.

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Accu-Tech PPE Equipment for Medical Applications

When handling chemicals, there’s always the risk of chemical exposure, but healthcare workers also have to deal with other dangers like exposure to bodily fluids, foreign substances, and contaminated surfaces. Axiom Products offers a line of chemical handling safety equipment to keep employees safe when handling, mixing, or discarding chemicals.

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The Ultimate in Chemical Safety

Whether you’re working with various chemicals or other harmful substances, our safety products and equipment still ensure the accuracy and precision that you need.

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ACCUPOUR Medical Measuring Instruments

Our ACCUPOUR measuring pitchers, containers, spoons, and cups provide the level of accuracy and reliability to measure and pour with guaranteed accuracy every time. Molded from high-density polypropylene, our measuring tools withstand repeated exposure to harsh chemicals while resisting scratches and fading. We build graduated scales directly into product molds, ensuring the accurate, easy-to-read measurement every time.

Our catalog of medical measuring tools includes:

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Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle

Is your healthcare organization required to remain EPA compliant? If so, how do you currently manage the triple-washing mandate? Healthcare organizations in the United States are currently required to triple rinse and destroy all chemical containers before recycling or disposal. If your organization uses hundreds of these containers on an ongoing basis, the task can quickly become an inefficient chore for your employees.

We offer the Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle to solve that problem. The tool meets EPA requirements for safely discarding and destroying chemical containers while cutting the time to complete the job in half. All it takes is a minute of washing with the Jet Rinse Triple Rinsing Nozzle to remove 99% of chemical residue, and the sharp point renders the container unusable to meet EPA requirements.

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