Common Measuring Mistakes: Are Liquid Measuring Cups the Same as Dry Measuring Cups?

Birds eye view of measuring cups filled with different ingredients

Whether you’re in an industry that measures cooking ingredients or hazardous chemicals, it’s essential that you have accurate and precise measurements every time. This eliminates the risk of an inconsistent product.

Do Dry and Liquid Measuring Cups Equal the Same Volume?

Technically, dry and liquid measuring cups hold the same volume of ingredients. However, both measuring cup designs are engineered to measure their respective ingredients more accurately. 

For example, suppose a mixture calls for a specific measurement of liquid ingredients. In that case, it’s best to use a measuring container that’s designed for wet ingredients because you’ll have a more accurate measurement. The same goes for measuring dry ingredients; if you need to measure dry ingredients like flour, then it’s vital that you use a dry cup to ensure proper measurements.

Axiom Products supplies businesses with dry and wet measuring cups for all of their measuring needs. Reach out to us today to start your first order of high-quality measuring equipment!

What Makes Wet Ingredient Measuring Cups Different From Dry Ingredient Measuring Cups?

While you could fill a dry measuring container with liquid to the top of the cup and get an accurate measurement, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll spill some of the liquid before it reaches its final destination. Wet measurement cups have measuring lines well below the rim of the cup, so there’s room for the fluid to move around without spilling any of the material. 

Although you might think that you could move the measuring container without spilling any material, using a dry measuring cup to pour liquid material is much more inconvenient. Dry measuring cups typically only run to equal one cup, unlike liquid measuring cups that measure up to eight cups. If a mixture calls for four cups of liquid material and you use a dry measuring cup to measure it out, you waste a lot of valuable time filling, refilling, and potentially spilling material that could have been eliminated if you used a liquid measuring tool.

On the other hand, using liquid measuring cups for dry ingredients could mess up the accuracy of the amount of material you’re putting into the mixture. Dry measuring cups are engineered to be filled to the top of the cup so you can sweep off excess ingredients. However, you can’t do that with liquid measuring tools due to the tallness of the cup for additional splashing room. 

In addition, if you use a liquid measuring cup to measure dry ingredients, you’d have to put down the material or shake it to level it out accurately. If it’s not leveled out accurately, you risk messing up the whole mixture.

Axiom’s Visual Measuring Spoons Guarantee Accuracy and Precision Every Time

At Axiom Products, we source visual measuring spoons and cups for all your business’s dry and liquid ingredient handling needs. We carry and manufacture a variety of dry and liquid measuring products including: 

Chemical Measuring Scoops

These chemical measuring scoops are designed to simplify the handling and measuring of dry chemicals. They’re made of high-density polypropylene, so they are chemically resistant and engineered to withstand everyday use for a wide variety of applications.

Graduated Measuring Cups

The graduated measuring cups we provide aren’t the measuring cups you’d find in your grandma’s kitchen drawer. These food-grade, industrial-strength measuring cups deliver unparalleled accuracy for measuring liquids with molded scales. No matter if you order 100 or 100,000, their quality and consistency remain the same.

Wet and Dry Measuring Pitchers

Axiom Products produces a wide selection of measuring pitchers, ranging from four ounces to three gallons. They’re built to provide you and your employees accurate and precise measurements each time without the risk of spilling material. Each ACCUPOUR measuring pitcher features: 

  • Raised graduations in US fluid ounces and metric units
  • Debossed black markings for easy reading
  • Unique handle for improved comfort and stability, with or without gloves
  • Open-bottom handle to make stacking and storing pitchers easier
  • Versatile spout that provides excellent pouring control

Wet and Dry Measuring Containers

We supply customers with ready-to-use chemical measuring containers to make it easy for your employees or customers to store and measure wet and dry chemicals. Our two types of measuring containers include:

  • Tip-and-Pour Containers: These tip-and-pour measuring containers are an easy-to-use, sealed measuring container. They’re most popular for industries working with agriculture, pesticides, or lawn and garden.
  • Squeeze-and-Pour Measuring Bottles: Squeeze-and-pour measuring bottles are another handy measuring container secure enough for use on the go without compromising accuracy. These are most popular in agriculture and service industries.

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