Lawn and Turf Chemical Containers

Axiom Products offers a range of lawn and turf chemical containers and chemical handling safety equipment to meet the demands of lawn care companies and retailers across the nation.

Chemical Handling Equipment for the Lawn and Turf Industry

When handling seed, fertilizers, or pesticides, lawn and turf companies require precision and accuracy to keep their customers’ lawns green and healthy. Without the right chemical handling tools for the job, you risk employee safety and customer satisfaction. That’s why Axiom Products specializes in providing the highest quality chemical handling equipment available on the market today for lawn and turf companies and retailers of all sizes.

Axiom measuring pitchers
Axiom measuring pitchers
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ACCUPOUR Chemical Containers

At Axiom Products, we designed our ACCUPOUR measuring pitchers, containers, spoons, and cups to provide the level of accuracy and reliability lawn and turf companies should expect from their chemical measuring tools. Made of polypropylene, our measuring products withstand repeated exposure to harsh chemicals while resisting scratches and impacts for long-term everyday use. Because we build graduated scales directly into product molds, we guarantee the accuracy of every pour, every time.

Our line of chemical measuring tools includes:

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Axiom measuring containers
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The Ultimate in Chemical Safety

Whether you’re working with various chemicals or other harmful substances, our safety products and equipment deliver the accuracy and precision you need.

Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle

For lawn and turf companies to maintain EPA compliance, they need to abide by the EPA’s triple-washing requirement before discarding or recycling chemical containers. The mandate requires triple rinsing and destroying all chemical containers before getting rid of them. If your lawn and turf company uses dozens or hundreds of these containers in a short time, the triple-rinsing requirement can quickly become a time-consuming, inefficient task.

The Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle from Axiom Products meets EPA requirements for safely discarding chemical containers while cutting the time to complete the job by 50% or more. After a minute of rinsing, the Jet Rinse Triple Rinsing Nozzle removes 99% of chemical residue, and the sharp point renders the container unusable to EPA standards.

Retail-Ready Solutions for Lawn and Turf Stores

Axiom is rapidly becoming the favorite chemical handling supplier of retail stores across the nation because all of our products are retail ready and make for easier sales at any store that stocks chemical handling supplies. If you’re looking for the most convenient way to store and display our products at your store, we even offer shelving systems designed specifically for our products, branded with your logo or ours.

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Request a Complimentary Sample

If you’re interested in stocking any of our products at your facility or store, we make it easy to get started with complimentary samples. Experience the unparalleled precision, accuracy, and safety of our products firsthand by requesting your free sample today!

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