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Chemical Handling Innovation

Retail/Custom Branded Solutions

Add Your Mark to Precision Products

Most of our products can be branded with your logo and designs to help create a chemical line that people will remember. For larger orders, we can even replace the Accu-Tech packaging to one that fits your company’s branding.

Full Line of Retail Ready Products

No matter your market, we can craft the perfect chemical handling center for your customers based on what you want to provide. Axiom Products specializes in providing the highest quality products in retail markets across North America.

When Safety and Precision is Paramount for Your Business

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The Exact Amount You Need… Safely

For more than a decade, we have provided solutions for a variety of industries that need assurance in accurate measuring with our Accu-Pour products. You can count on Accu-Pour to make sure that you get an accurate scoop and pour every time with our debossed measurements and no drip spouts, ensuring the perfect amount is ready with each use. Gone are the days of the measuring inaccurately.

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The Ultimate in Chemical Safety

Our Accu-Tech line products are made with only the highest of standards, ensuring your safety is maintained at every turn. Whether you’re spraying or handling chemicals, our line of safety products ensures both protection and precision.