Chemical Handling Agricultural Supplies

Axiom Products specializes in supplying agricultural chemical storage containers, chemical handling safety equipment, and EPA triple-rinsing tools.

Chemical Handling Equipment for Any Agricultural Application

From fertilizers to pesticides, agriculture requires precision and accuracy when measuring and handling chemicals. If you or your customers aren’t using the right tools for the job, employee safety and crop yields are at stake. Axiom provides the highest quality chemical handling equipment available on the market to put the right tools in the right hands to keep crops healthy and protected.

ACCUPOUR Agricultural Plastic Containers

Our ACCUPOUR measuring pitchers, containers, scoops, and cups outperform any agricultural plastic containers on the market today. All of our measuring products have graduated scales built directly into the mold for guaranteed accuracy with every pour. Plus, you never have to worry about markings fading or disappearing over time.

Our full line of measuring products includes:

  • Chemical measuring pitchers: Designed with ergonomic handles and sturdy construction to withstand everyday use on the farm.
  • Chemical measuring containers: Available with tip-and-pour or squeeze-and-pour functionality, our agricultural plastic containers are ideal for measuring on the go or storing in cabinets or vehicles.
  • Chemical measuring scoops and cups: When precision in smaller quantities matters, our customizable measuring scoops and cups are up to any task.

We also offer custom branding options for all the above products.

Accu-Tech PPE for Agriculture

Any time you’re handling chemicals, there’s an inherent risk of chemical exposure. That’s why PPE for agriculture is critical whenever you’re using, mixing, storing, or discarding fertilizers, pesticides, or any other agricultural chemicals. Fortunately, Axiom Products makes it easy to stay safe with a complete line of PPE for agriculture applications:

  • Chemical handling goggles: With side-vented and unvented options, our goggles are fog free and impact resistant with durable straps for everyday use.
  • Chemical handling gloves: Available in both PVC and nitrile, our gloves feature extended cuffs to maximize protection against splashes.

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Axiom marking flags

Field Marking Flags

If you need to mark land features, property lines, or field use, our five- and eight-foot field marking flags make it easy with clear visibility at a distance. Learn More

Axiom jet rinse triple rinsing nozzle spraying water

Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle

In order for agricultural operations to remain EPA compliant, they have to follow the EPA’s triple-washing mandate for all chemical containers. That requires triple rinsing and destroying all chemical containers before recycling or discarding them. However, farms may use hundreds of these containers in a short time, making the triple-washing requirement time consuming and inefficient.

Our Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle meets EPA requirements for disposing of chemical containers while cutting the time to complete the task in half. After a minute of rinsing, our nozzle removes 99% of chemical residue while the sharp point renders the container unusable to EPA standards.

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Retail-Ready Solutions for Agricultural Supply Stores

Axiom Products is quickly becoming the go-to chemical handling supplier of retailers across the nation, and one of the reasons is because of our retail-ready products sold in case quantities that are available to stock at your store. If you’re looking for the most convenient way to store and display our products at your store, we offer shelving systems designed specifically for our products. We can even brand the shelving the system with your logo or ours.

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