Chemical Handling Agricultural Supplies

The right chemical handling agricultural supplies make all the difference.

Agricultural businesses are forced to juggle countless priorities. You need to stay safe. You need to remain compliant. You need to improve productivity. And on top of everything else, you need to carefully manage your costs. At Axiom Products, we make and sell the products that help you do everything. From agricultural chemical handling safety equipment to specific storage containers and flags, we have all the agricultural supplies you need to stay in business.

Agricultural Chemical Containers: ACCUPOUR Agricultural Plastic Containers

Agricultural chemical containers are indispensable; they allow you to store, measure, and transfer your materials efficiently and safely.
Our ACCUPOUR measuring pitchers, containers, scoops, and cups are designed to outperform all other agricultural plastic containers on the market today. Built-in, graduated scales guarantee accuracy with every pour. State-of-the-art polypropylene provides you with corrosion-proof protection and long-lasting durability. And because we create our products with longevity in mind, you never have to worry about markings fading or disappearing over time. Improve your chemical and pesticide storage and measuring with our full line of agricultural chemical containers:

Chemical measuring pitchers: Ergonomic handles and a durable, long-lasting structure allow these pitchers to withstand everyday use.
Chemical measuring containers: Available with tip-and-pour or squeeze-and-pour functionality, our agricultural plastic containers are ideal for measuring on the go or storing your important chemicals in cabinets or vehicles. Get the measuring containers that best suit your needs!
Chemical measuring scoops and cups: When precision in smaller quantities matters, our customizable measuring scoops and cups are up to any task. You can order exactly the products you need.
We also offer custom branding options for all the above products so you can show off your brand in style!

Chemicals Handling Equipment: Accu-Tech PPE for Agriculture

Any time you’re handling chemicals, there’s an inherent risk of chemical exposure. One splash on your skin or penetration through your clothes could hospitalize you—or worse. That’s why PPE for agriculture is critical whenever you’re using, mixing, storing, or discarding fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, or any other chemicals. It’s also why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to design PPE products for agricultural applications that keep you safe without limiting your productivity.
Axiom Products makes it easy to stay safe (and compliant) with agricultural PPE products like the following:
Chemical handling goggles: With side-vented and unvented options, our goggles are fog free, so your sight is never obstructed. They’re also impact resistant, with durable straps that can last for years, even with hard daily use.
Chemical handling gloves: You need to keep your hands and arms safe! That’s why our PVC and nitrile gloves feature extended cuffs to maximize protection against splashes.

Nitrile Gloves

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Axiom marking flags

Field Marking Flags

Land marking flags can be used for a variety of applications, helping you mark field intakes, recognize drainage tiles, stay organized with chemical applications, manage property lines, and even mark underground utilities. If you get creative, you can probably think of even more potential applications!
Our flags are available in multiple different heights and six different colors: blue, green, white, yellow, orange, and red. You can also equip them with bright, reflective strips, making them easier to see in a range of different conditions.
On top of that, our flags are designed to be heavy-duty, capable of withstanding even the harshest weather environments without degrading or failing.

Axiom jet rinse triple rinsing nozzle spraying water

Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle

In order for agricultural operations to remain EPA compliant, they have to follow EPA-regulated triple-washing mandates for all chemical containers. That means thoroughly rinsing each container three full times and destroying all chemical containers before recycling or discarding them.
If you only have one or two containers to deal with, that’s not a bad deal. But it’s a different story if your industry uses hundreds of containers. That’s why you need a product like our Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle.
Our Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle meets EPA requirements for disposing of chemical containers while cutting the time to complete the task in half! Designed to work with any hose and comfortable enough to hold in one hand, our nozzle removes 99% of pesticide residue in one minute. The nozzle also comes equipped with a sharp point that renders the container unusable to EPA standards.

axiom safety products

Agricultural Chemical Container and Equipment Cleaning Practices

If you want to remain compliant (and safe), you need to follow the EPA’s guidelines for cleaning agricultural chemical containers and equipment. Hazardous materials like pesticides can cause environmental damage and personal harm, which is why we’re so passionate about creating products that make equipment cleaning easier.
Retail-Ready Solutions for Agricultural Supply Stores
Axiom Products is quickly becoming the go-to chemical handling supplier of retailers across the nation, and one of the reasons is because of our retail-ready products sold in case quantities that are available to stock at your store.
If you’re looking for the most convenient way to store and display our products at your store, we offer shelving systems designed specifically for our products. We can even brand the shelving system with your logo or ours!

Chemical Handling Agricultural Supplies: Custom Branding for All Your Products

At Axiom Products, we know it’s important to show off your brand. That’s why we offer all of our products with optional custom branding; you can market these products as entirely your own, building customer loyalty and enthusiasm in the process.
When it’s time to buy more, or buy a different type of product, your customers will see your brand, think of you, and return to you to serve their needs. It’s a little touch that can make your products that much more interesting and impactful.

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