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Axiom Products delivers unparalleled accuracy, precision, and safety for all of your organization’s chemical measuring and handling supply needs.

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Our Story

Founded in 2004, Axiom Products is a family-owned and -operated company specializing in supplying the highest quality agricultural and industrial safety equipment and measuring tools to our customers. With the steady growth of our business and industry over the years, we recognized the need to expand and develop our product offerings to also include chemical handling PPE, field marking flags, and spray bottles.

Today, we’ve become the go-to chemical measuring and handling supplier of an ever-expanding network of retailers and organizations across the nation. If the job involves measuring, we’re here to help you achieve industry-best accuracy and precision with every pour.

Our Mission

Axiom Products specializes in bringing the highest quality measuring and dispensing tools to the OEM and retail markets so our customers can measure and dispense their products accurately, precisely, and, most of all, safely. We are also committed to providing industry-best chemical handling and measuring tools to help your business prioritize protection, safety, and functionality, no matter what the job requires.

We take pride in providing superior quality products, forward-thinking innovation, and outstanding customer service. We commit to go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best solutions for their unique needs to better run their businesses. As part of that commitment, we strive to ship out orders within 48 hours of receiving them.

We value our employees. As a family-owned and -operated business, we know the success of each individual employee also means success for Axiom Products as a whole. We strive to make sure our employees know they are valued and appreciated. This dedication enables them to make our customers feel genuinely appreciated and valued because our commitment to our customers is why we are successful and growing every day.


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Chemical Handling Products That Are a Measure Above the Rest

Our chemical measuring and handling products are available online and in-store at more than 25 retailers nationwide.

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Product Resource Library

Axiom Products is committed to providing you with all the resources and products you need to prioritize chemical handling accuracy, precision, and safety. Get started by familiarizing yourself with our product resources.

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ACCUPOUR Measuring Pitchers

Our ACCUPOUR liquid measuring pitchers feature a no-mess pouring spout, sturdy construction, raised graduations, and an ergonomic handle for confidence with every pour.

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Accu-Tech PPE

Whenever you’re handling chemicals, there’s an inherent risk of accidental exposure, but our Accu-Tech PPE keeps users protected from the most common hazards.

Axiom jet rinse triple rinsing nozzle spraying water

Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle

The EPA requires that all chemical containers be triple rinsed and destroyed prior to disposal or recycling, and our Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle gets the job done in half the time.

Fortune 500 Case Study

Axiom Products helped a Fortune 500 company customize a snap-on cap with full-wrap imprinting and product-specific measuring scales for their product bottles. We continue to produce hundreds of thousands of these custom caps for them annually.

Food and Beverage Case Study

Our team recently partnered with a leading international food service company to promote the release of a new product with custom-printed ACCUPOUR pitchers. We even completed the project well ahead of the product launch date to make it a resounding success.