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plant sproutingAgriculture demands precision and accuracy in order to produce the best result. Our Accu-Pour pitcher is often the ideal measuring solution for the agriculture industry. Offering exceptional accuracy that’s proven effective, the Accu-Pour delivers consistently in the most demanding applications. With high chemical resistances, easy-to-read graduations, and excellent pouring control and accuracy, you get the right measurement every time.

In addition to our Accu-Pour, we can also provide custom measuring products for agriculture uses. Contact us today to get the most accurate and reliable measuring solution for you.

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chefs hatOur Accu-Pour pitchers are made from food grade material and designed to meet the rigid requirements of the food service industry. While graduations on other pitchers tend to wash away or fade out over time, the raised graduations on Accu-Pour pitchers are easy to read and provide lifelong accuracy. With higher chemical resistance than industry standards, the Accu-Pour pitcher delivers long-term solutions and unbeatable accuracy.

Custom imprinting is available on all of our food grade pitchers. If your food service application requires something more custom, we can create the exact measuring solution you need. Contact us today for the most accurate and reliable measuring solution in the food service industry.

medical cross with heartbeatWhen it comes to healthcare and medicine, there’s no room for error. Our Accu-Pour pitchers provide accurate and reliable measurements to meet the demands of the industry. With a no-drip spout and easy-to-read raised graduations in both ounces and metric scale, the Accu-Pour gives you a perfect pour every time. The special designed finger hold makes the pitcher easy to control even with gloved hands.

Accu-Pour’s high chemical resistance makes it the ideal pitcher for the healthcare and medical industry. We can also provide custom imprinting on all our measuring pitchers. Contact us today for more information.

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gear cogsThe versatility of the Accu-Pour pitcher makes it the perfect solution for nearly every industrial and commercial application. With high chemical resistances and lasting durability, the Accu-Pour is built to withstand a wide variety of everyday commercial use. No matter what you are measuring, the easy-to-read raised graduations and special designed finger hold give you excellent accuracy and control every time.

We can provide custom imprinting on all of our measuring pitchers. If you have a commercial application that demands a more custom approach, we can design a measuring solution that meets your exact specifications. Contact us today for unbeatable accuracy and reliability in any industrial or commercial application.

microscopeResearch and scientific applications require exceptional accuracy in every measurement. The Accu-Pour pitcher is specially designed to have high chemical resistance and deliver reliable and accurate results every time. With easy-to-read raised graduations in both ounces and metric scale, the Accu-Pour gives researchers and scientists the most precise measurements possible. The no-drip spout and unique finger hold give you exceptional pouring control even when wearing gloves.

The Accu-Pour pitcher is designed to be the most durable and accurate measuring solution in the research industry. If your application requires a more custom approach, we can create a solution that matches your exact specifications. Contact us today for the unbeatable accuracy you need for your research and scientific applications.

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