Chemical Handling Products by Industry

When you have to precisely handle, mix, or measure chemicals, Axiom Products delivers products that are a measure above the rest. With a complete range of chemical handling and measuring products, we’re the go-to supplier of organizations and retailers across the nation in these industries.

Chemical Handling Products That Are a Measure Above the Rest

If you demand accuracy and safety when handling chemicals, liquids, or powders, Axiom Products has a solution for you. We offer a complete line of chemical measuring pitchers, containers, scoops, and cups to get any job done with precision in any industry. We also provide high-quality safety equipment that’s comfortable and durable enough for any work environment.

Explore our product offerings by industry below.


Whether you’re mixing pesticides or storing fertilizers, Axiom Products offers PPE for agriculture and agricultural plastic containers that deliver guaranteed measurement accuracy, lasting durability, and ergonomic handling.

Industrial and Commercial

We design all of our products to withstand the wear and tear of everyday industrial use. From gloves and goggles to measuring containers and pitchers, we provide your workers with the tools they need to prioritize safety and precision.

Food Service

Axiom Products makes it easy to prioritize safety and precision in the kitchen with customizable, professional-grade measuring tools that are food safe and durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Healthcare and Medical

We help you prioritize patient care and safety with PPE equipment for medical settings along with medical measuring instruments that ensure medications and other liquids are accurately administered.

Lawn and Turf

For businesses in the lawn and turf industry, Axiom Products supplies chemical measuring jugs, spray containers, and PPE equipment.

Research and Science

At Axiom Products, we take pride in the fact that our safety equipment and scientific measuring containers work just as well in the laboratory as they do in the field.

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Explore Our Product Lines

ACCUPOUR Measuring Instruments

We designed our ACCUPOUR line of measuring pitchers, containers, cups, and scoops to deliver two of the most important things when it comes to chemical handling: precision and accuracy. The accuracy of our products ensures that what you pour goes exactly where you need it. The precision of our products guarantees that the amount you pour is the exact amount you need.

Accu-Tech PPE Supplies

Precision and accuracy are critical when handling chemicals, but it doesn’t matter how precise and accurate you are if you aren’t doing the job safely. Our Accu-Tech line of chemical handling safety products ensures you have the tools you need to prioritize safety together with accuracy and precision.

Custom Branding Options

With our ACCUPOUR line of pitchers and containers, you have the option to customize any of our products with your company’s name or logo. You get the same reliability and accuracy Axiom is known for with the look and feel of your company’s brand.

Retail-Ready Chemical Handling Solutions

If you operate a retail store that serves any of the above industries, Axiom Products has a solution for you. All of our products are available in case quantities and ready to stock at your store. We also offer shelving systems that make it easy to display our products while saving space at your store, and we can customize the shelves with your logo or ours. Request your complimentary product samples or place an order today to get started.