ACCUPOUR Chemical Measuring Containers

Our line of ACCUPOUR measuring cups, scoops, pitchers, and containers are designed to provide precise pouring and accurate measurements with every use.

Our ACCUPOUR Chemical Measuring Products

Before you start a job, you first need to assemble the right tools for the job. When that job involves chemical handling, mixing, or disposal, Axiom Products has you covered. We are quickly becoming the go-to supplier of companies and retailers across the nation. If you want to give your employees or customers the highest quality chemical measuring products available on the market today, turn to our ACCUPOUR chemical measuring products.

We designed our ACCUPOUR line of measuring cups, pitchers, and containers to provide unparalleled accuracy, precision, and durability. Our measuring products are made from high-density polypropylene, making them simultaneously food safe and chemical resistant. Their versatility makes them an ideal solution for nearly every application, whether you need to measure fertilizers or compounds, cuisine or medicine. With options for measuring dry chemicals and liquids, our products withstand everyday use while delivering guaranteed accuracy.

From complete branding customization to specific measurement personalization, Axiom Products provides the exact chemical measuring tools your customers need to get the job done right. Take a look at the available options below.

Axiom measuring pitchers
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Precision Pouring With Accurate Results

Have you ever noticed how measuring pitchers, containers, and cups often have measure marks printed directly on them? When that happens, manufacturers can’t guarantee the accuracy of those measurements because the scale may be printed in a slightly different position on each product. At the same time, those markings can fade or wear off with use.

At Axiom Products, we don’t print measuring scales on our products because we don’t want your company or customers having to deal with problems like that. Instead, we build measuring scales into the product molds, so every product and graduation are identical, and we guarantee the accuracy of every measurement.

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Retail-Ready Shelving Systems

If you’re looking for a convenient way to store or display our chemical measuring products at your store or facility, Axiom Products has a solution for that, too! We offer measuring product shelving systems that can be branded with our logo or yours.

Axiom retail storing system
Axiom custom measuring pitchers
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Custom Branding for Your Measuring Products

Our ready-to-use ACCUPOUR products can be shipped out within 48 hours, but we also offer the option to customize measuring scoops, cups, pitchers, and containers with your company’s logo.

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Request a Complimentary Sample

If you’re interested in stocking any of our products at your facility or store, we make it easy to get started with complimentary samples. Experience the unparalleled precision, accuracy, and safety of our products firsthand by requesting your free sample today!

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