Scientific Containers and Lab Safety Equipment

Axiom Products supplies safety equipment and scientific measuring containers that work as well in the lab as they do in the field.

Scientific Measuring Containers for the Lab and Field Research

Research and science professionals require exceptional precision, accuracy, and safety with every measurement, especially when handling and mixing chemicals. Axiom Products has quickly become the preferred chemical handling equipment supplier of scientists and researchers across the nation for that reason. We design all of our products to deliver the reliability, repeatability, and durability required for experiments, research, and projects in a range of environments. Whether you’re working in the field or researching in a lab, Axiom Products has the safety equipment and scientific measuring containers you need to get the job done accurately and safely.

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ACCUPOUR Scientific Containers

Our ACCUPOUR scientific containers are specifically designed to withstand harsh chemicals while delivering reliable and accurate measurements every time. With easy-to-read raised graduations in both ounces and metric, our ACCUPOUR line provides researchers and scientists with precise liquid measurements, while a no-drip spout and ergonomic handle offer exceptional pouring control even when wearing gloves.

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Request a Product Sample Today

If you’re interested in stocking any of our chemical handling products at your lab or facility, we make it easy to start with complimentary product samples.

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Accu-Tech Lab Safety Equipment

When you’re working with substances in a lab or scientific research setting, there’s always a risk of accidental exposure, but Axiom Products help your organization mitigate risks with reliable lab PPE and safety equipment.

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The Ultimate in Chemical Safety

Whether you’re working with lab chemicals or pesticides, our safety products and equipment ensure the accuracy and precision you need.

Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle

If your organization uses chemical containers, are you abiding by EPA’s triple rinsing requirement? Before discarding or recycling chemical containers, the EPA requires that they be triple rinsed and destroyed, but that can quickly become a tedious task when you have hundreds of containers to dispose of.

Axiom designed the Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle to streamline the job while making it easier and more cost effective for your organization to remain EPA compliant when handling chemicals.

Retail-Ready Solutions for Industrial Supply Companies

While Axiom Products partners with labs and research organizations across the nation, we also work with retailers to improve the quality and shelf appeal of the chemical handling products at their stores. Whether you’re interested in stocking all of our products or just a few, request your complimentary samples today to discover how our products are a measure above the rest.

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Request a Complimentary Sample

If you’re interested in stocking any of our products at your facility or store, we make it easy to get started with complimentary samples. Experience the unparalleled precision, accuracy, and safety of our products firsthand by requesting your free sample today!

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