Measuring Pesticides Accurately Is Paramount to Safety and Your Bottom Line

Material being measured and poured into small clear container

Proper measurement and application are important no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re baking a birthday cake or handling chemicals, accurate measurements is critical if you want everything to go according to play. This is all the more true when measuring pesticides, which can be dangerous when handled incorrectly and correct ratios are vital to maximizing crop protection.

The Environmental Protection Agency established clear container regulations and standards for the safe use of pesticide containers. Properly storing and measuring pesticides to be used on the farms we depend on is an important responsibility. Not only are pesticides potentially volatile, but they’re also expensive. If you’re depending on the proper application of pesticides, you’d better get the right ratios down before application.

We mentioned safety at the top as that’s the primary goal when working with pesticides, but the second-most important aspect of accurate measuring is the costs associated with inaccuracy. Purdue University put out a paper relating specifically to the measuring pesticides. In the paper, researched highlighted the importance of measuring pesticides precisely:

“Mixing and measuring problems can undermine an effective application. If you do not accurately measure products—and use too little or too much—you can negate the reasons why you purchased the product, offset your calibration efforts, and create problems at the job site. It can cause customers to complain, tarnish your reputation, lose business opportunities, affect your bottom line, and even violate the label or the law.”

Anytime you find yourself on the wrong side of current law you should be concerned, but the more likely scenario is you’re losing money by failing to measure properly, thus putting out an ineffective pesticide. Imagine having to redo applications all because your current measurement solutions were off? That’s akin to pouring money down the drain, something most businesses cannot afford to do.

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