Importance of Custom Imprint Measuring Products

Customized Product Imprinting

Many businesses use chemical measuring products for their daily processes. However, many aren’t taking advantage of the benefits provided by custom imprint measuring containers. Read more about the benefits of using custom measuring cups.

Benefits of Custom Printed Measuring Cups

Increased Visibility

Branding your measuring products with your company’s logo serves as a cost-effective advertisement for your company. Seeing your logo in the field increases your brand’s visibility and leaves a lasting impression on others. This enhanced exposure boosts your brand’s recognition and extends your business’s reach.

Increased Professionalism

When your employees are working with custom imprinted equipment, they’re not just representing themselves—they’re representing your business. Branding your measuring equipment with your company’s logo allows for a more professional work environment and makes your employees more recognizable in the field.

Increased Accuracy

Custom printed measuring cups and containers are ideal for companies that work with unconventional measurements. Accurate and precise measurements are critical in various industries, and most standard measuring products aren’t compatible with unique measuring systems. Custom imprinted equipment allows for product-specific measurements, reduces measuring errors, and increases workplace safety.

Are you interested in custom imprinting your measuring products with your brand’s logo? Contact Axiom today and see how our custom printed measuring cups and containers provide precise measurements every time.

Axiom’s Custom Imprint Services

The Axiom team understands the value of custom imprinted equipment, which is why we offer custom molding solutions that meet your needs. Whether you need letters, numbers, logos, scales, or website addresses, we have the flexibility to customize our products the way you want. We keep an extensive inventory of hundreds of measuring products ready for customization, including:

Chemical Measuring Pitchers

Our ACCUPOUR measuring pitchers can be customized to suit your needs. These containers are made from food-grade polypropylene, making them chemical resistant and capable of withstanding virtually any application. We designed our pitchers to provide consistent and reliable measurements because we built the scale directly into the mold. These pitchers also feature an ergonomic design that improves control and stability. The spout is designed to be drip-free, and the uniquely designed handle provides enhanced user comfort.

Chemical Measuring Containers

While measuring pitchers are perfect for controlled environments, some companies require precise measurements while out in the field. Axiom offers chemical measuring containers that allow your workers to easily measure and store chemicals. Our measuring containers provide industry-leading accuracy and are available in the following options:

Tip-and-Pour Containers

Our tip-and-pour containers make working outdoors with harmful chemicals easy. These containers are built to be user-friendly. You just tip the container to fill the measuring chamber and pour. Tip-and-pour containers are ideal for use in the agriculture and lawn and turf industries.

Squeeze-and-Pour Bottles

We offer squeeze-and-pour measuring bottles that are secure and provide accurate measurements in any setting. Our squeeze-and-pour bottles are also easy to use; squeeze the bottle until the chamber is filled to the proper height then pour. These containers are most frequently used in the agriculture and food service industries.

Chemical Measuring Scoops and Cups

Ensuring precise measurements is critical when working with small quantities. We designed our measuring scoops to simplify handling and withstand everyday use. Our graduate measuring cups are food-grade and deliver accurate liquid measurements.

Axiom Products: Deliver Unmatched Accuracy Since 2004

Axiom Products has been an industry-leading provider of measuring products since 2004. We specialize in supplying the highest quality measuring tools so our customers can accurately measure their chemicals. Along with our selection of measuring tools, we also offer customized safety products, including:


We sell PVC and nitrile gloves that are chemically resistant. Our gloves are built to withstand the stress of regular use and can be customized to display your company’s logo.


Axiom offers custom marking flags that increase safety by alerting customers and employees to area hazards. Our reusable flags come in multiple color options and are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Our team takes pride in providing quality products, forward-thinking innovation, and superior customer service. We’re a family-owned and -operated company dedicated to ensuring our customers feel appreciated and valued because their success fuels our success. Our team is committed to shipping out orders within 48 hours. Contact us today and learn more about our selection of custom imprinted chemical measuring products.