ACCUPOUR Chemical Measuring Containers

Axiom Products supplies ready-to-use chemical measuring containers that make it easy for your employees or customers to store and measure chemicals whether they’re working in the field or on the go.

Our ACCUPOUR Chemical Measuring Containers

Along with a complete line of chemical measuring pitchers, Axiom Products also offers chemical measuring containers when pitchers aren’t suited to the job. While pitchers provide an easy-to-use solution when you’re in a controlled environment, they can be cumbersome in the field and aren’t made for storage in vehicles or cabinets. Our measuring containers provide the same level of accuracy as our pitchers while also making it easy to transport and store chemicals on the go.

Both our tip-and-pour containers and squeeze-and-pour containers are available for a wide range of applications or to meet your specific needs.

Axiom measuring containers

Tip-and-Pour Containers

Our tip-and-pour measuring containers are an easy-to-use, sealed measuring container made from high-density polyethylene plastic. Tip the container to fill the measuring chamber until the desired level is reached and pour with confidence. Tip-and-pour containers are most popular when working with agriculture, pesticides, or lawn and garden. Custom branding available.

Tip-and-Pour Container Options:

Tip-N-Pour 32-Ounce Container
Order#: TP32
Case Quantity: 20

Tip-N-Pour 64-Ounce Container
Order#: TP64
Case Quantity: 20

Tip-N-Pour 128-Ounce Container
Order#: TP128
Case Quantity: 20

Squeeze-and-Pour Measuring Bottles

Our squeeze-and-pour measuring bottles are another handy, high-density polyethylene measuring container secure enough for use on the go without compromising accuracy. Squeeze the bottle until the measuring chamber is filled to the specific height and pour. Squeeze-and-pour containers are most popular in the agriculture and service industries. Custom branding available.

Squeeze-and-Pour Container Options:

Squeeze-N-Pour 32-Ounce Container
Order #: SP32
Case Quantity: 16

Squeeze-N-Pour 64-Ounce Container
Order #: SP64
Case Quantity: 16

Axiom measuring containers

Axiom jet rinse triple rinsing nozzle

Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle

The Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle from Axiom Products is one of the quickest-selling products in our catalog for retailers across the nation because any company or individual using chemicals can benefit from it. Why? To remain EPA compliant, you have to triple rinse and destroy any chemical containers before recycling or disposal. The Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle from Axiom does the job to EPA standards in half the time. How It Works

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