Industry Focus: Beauty & Hair Salons

photo of interior hair salon with chairs and products on display

Industry Focus: Beauty & Hair Salons

Stylists, colorists, hairdressers and nail techs at beauty salons are in daily contact with a variety of chemicals from beauty products like hair color, developer, perm solution, nail polish, and more. All are safer when handled with gloves to avoid skin irritation. And color will always deliver better results when accurately measured. The safety of your staff is a must when running a successful salon as is providing consistent results to your clientele. Axiom has what you need to provide quality outcomes and protection to any beauty salon or parlor in style.

Measuring Color for Hair Salons

If you’re measuring hair color by eye, you know the risks of banding color – a telltale sign of inaccurate measuring. If you can’t measure accurately, there’s also the danger of inadvertently changing the formulas that the manufacturers recommend for the best results. At Axiom Products, we have a wide array of measuring cups, scoops, and containers designed to provide accurate measurements, to keep your client’s hair looking terrific.

Our Accu-Pour measuring products feature debossed markings for stress-free measurement while easy-grip handles provide comfort and stability (even with a gloved hand). Our raised graduations won’t fade over time, and the open-bottom handle allows these pitchers to be stacked and stored in limited space in your salon. Whether you are creating single-process color, highlight or balayage, accuracy helps your beautiful work shine.

You’ve spent the time to choose a color partner that your colorists and hairdressers love, so it’s important for salon owners and managers to source the best salon measuring equipment to ensure great results. All Axiom Accu-Pour measuring and pouring products are made of high-quality, durable polypropylene, so our scoops and cups hold up to harsh chemicals but won’t discolor over time.

Best Gloves for the Beauty Industry

Using gloves in the beauty industry is now commonplace to help protect colorists and techs from skin irritation from tough chemicals. It’s easy to pick up a case of something cheap, but we all know you often get what you pay for. Our Accu-Tech disposable black nitrile gloves are the best choice for the beauty industry because the material is latex-free but resistant to many of the same chemical substances. Plus, black gloves hide color better so busy hands will always look polished and professional.

photo of interior pedicure room at salon

It’s important to deliver quality gear for everyone to use, and Axiom Products can help. We’ve got the tools you need to help keep everything running smoothly.

We work with some of the finest suppliers across the United States to provide the best measuring products and gloves for hair salons, and we would love to tell you more. Our products can help ensure your salon is always having a great hair day. Please contact us today to learn more about Axiom Products or call 877-429-9579.