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Agricultural chemicals such as insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides are commonly used on farms. These chemicals are dangerous to humans when ingested and need to be handled and stored with care. Using proper measurements helps limit the risk of exposure for workers and the environment. Read more about the importance of proper chemical measuring practices and how Axiom’s agricultural chemical handling equipment line provides guaranteed accuracy in today’s blog.

Chemical Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizer refers to any synthetic compound substances used to increase crop yield. Most chemical fertilizers are created from a complex blend of ammonium phosphate, nitrogen, and potassium.

Farmers use these fertilizers because they provide nutrients the soil needs to promote crop growth. In recent years, chemical fertilizers have grown in popularity because they are affordable and offer quicker growth than organic options. Still, the consequences of poor fertilizer measurements are severe, including:

Soil Structure Damage

While chemical fertilizers promote plant growth, they don’t promote healthy soil growth. An overabundance of chemical fertilizer causes long-term damage to the soil as important nutrients aren’t replenished.


One of the most serious consequences of improper fertilizer measurements is over-fertilization. Using too much chemical fertilizer kills plant life and upsets the soil’s ecosystem. Having the proper balance of materials helps prevent over-fertilization.

Chemical Buildup

Using the wrong fertilizer measurements leads to a chemical buildup in the soil that permanently alters the ground’s pH balance. This leads to the release of greenhouse gases from the ground and damages the surrounding environment.


Herbicides are substances used to control or kill unwanted vegetation. Row-crop farmers apply herbicides before and during planting to minimize other vegetation; this allows growers to maximize crop productivity. However, using the wrong herbicide measure cups leads to unintended consequences, including:

Health Risks

Using improper herbicide measurements increases the risk of exposure. Most herbicides are toxic and high concentrations can lead to severe eye and skin damage. Wearing proper PPE gear also minimizes the health risks of herbicides.

Water Runoff

Distributing excess amounts of herbicides increases the risk of water runoff. Herbicides not intended for water damages local fish populations and aquatic vegetation and impact the overall quality of the water source.

Growing Resistance

Weeds can become resistant to herbicides when they are overused. The resistance affects the yield of crops and increases the overall presence of herbicides in the soil.

Animal Pesticide

Growers use animal pesticides to promote crop growth by killing unwanted plants and animals. While effective at improving crop yields and controlling invasive species, poor control measures of pesticides lead to various issues, including:

Human Health Risks

Most pesticides pose serious health risks to humans, and poor measurements increase those risks. When ingested, pesticides lead to negative effects that range from skin irritations to cancer. Wearing proper agriculture safety equipment also provides good protection from pesticides.

Environmental Harm

Pesticide particles that don’t sink into the soil risk being carried by the wind into local water sources. When this happens, the pesticide contaminates the water, posing a significant threat to fish and aquatic plant life.

Soil Contamination

Heavy use of pesticides impacts future soil fertility by destroying soil organisms that promote the growth of important nutrients.

While chemical fertilizers promote plant growth, they don’t promote healthy soil growth. An overabundance of chemical fertilizer causes long-term damage to the soil as important nutrients aren’t replenished.

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Guarantee Accurate Measurements With Axiom’s Agriculture Chemical Handling Equipment

Our ACCUPOUR chemical measuring containers are designed to provide unmatched accuracy, precision, and durability. The measure products we supply are made from high-density polypropylene, meaning they are simultaneously food safe and chemical resistant. Our agricultural chemical handling equipment options include:

Measuring Pitchers

Our chemical measuring pitchers feature an innovative ergonomic design that provides consistent, reliable measurements. The unique handle provides user comfort while wearing gloves, and the open handle offers improved control.

Measuring Containers

Axiom supplies ready-to-use measuring containers that allow your workers to measure chemicals while in the field easily. Our tip-and-pour containers and squeeze-and-pour containers have various industrial applications.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Measuring accuracy becomes more critical when working with smaller quantities. Axiom’s selection of measuring spoons and cups provides accurate and reliable measurement. We offer standard sizes but offer customized scales to meet your specific applications.

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