How Accurate are Your Measurements?

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How Accurate are Your Measurements?

Whether you’re watering crops, putting chemicals in your pool, or adding supplements to your aquarium, you don’t want to worry about whether or not you’re making the right measurements. When adding just the right amount of chemicals is crucial, having an inaccurate measuring cup can cause serious damage.

If you’re using calibration cups, you want to ensure their measurement scale is accurate. To take that pressure of your shoulders, a custom imprinted scale can help you guarantee you’re measuring the right amount each and every time.

Why are Accurate Measurements So Important?

If you’ve ever baked a cake or added chemicals to a pool, you know that just one wrong measurement can throw the entire system off balance. When you make an inaccurate measurement, you may find yourself starting from scratch or needing to take extra precaution to ensure you stabilize an otherwise unsafe environment.

Sometimes an inaccurate measurement is the result of a careless mistake or not paying attention. Unfortunately, inaccurate measurements can also be caused by a measurement scale that is inaccurate or off balance. In these cases, you may not even know that you’re measuring incorrectly, causing you to make the same mistakes over and over again.

You can reduce the number of inaccurate measurements you make with a custom imprinted scale. When you have the right scale printed on the right measurement cup, you do not need to worry about inaccuracies in your measurements.

How Do Measurement Cups Become Inaccurate?

Measurement cups don’t start out inaccurate. While you may have a measurement cup that provides you with accurate measurements to begin with, as the cup begins to breakdown, it can become more and more inaccurate. With different heating and cooling points, the cup may begin to expand and contract, causing it to warp.

Certain products are more susceptible to these kinds of changes. That is why it’s important that you select a measurement cup that can withstand expansion and contraction, maintaining its shape and size. When you have a high-quality measuring cup that isn’t going to lose its shape because of the heating and cooling process, you don’t need to worry about your measurements becoming inaccurate.

Measurement cups can also cause problems when the scale is simply printed on the cup. As the cup is used, these printed scales can begin to breakdown and wear off. If you’re unable to see your measurement lines, you may find yourself guessing at where you should stop pouring chemicals. If you’re not positive in your measurements, you can cause careless mistakes with long-term damage.

Selecting a measurement cup that imprints your scale into the mold can ensure your measurement lines won’t wear off. When the scale is built into the structure of the cup, you can always have accurate measurements — no matter how old the cup is or how much it is used.

What to Look for in an Accurate Measuring Cup

If your measurements need to be accurate each and every time, don’t risk it with just any measuring cup. Selecting the right tool for your measuring needs will ensure you’re always adding just the right amount of chemicals and ingredients to your pool, crops, aquarium, and recipe.

To guarantee you’re getting the right measuring cup, here are a few things you’ll want to look for when making a purchase.

  1. Imprinted Scale

When the scale of your measuring cup is built into the mold, you don’t need to worry about it rubbing off or disappearing. These scales are a set part of the cup, meaning they’ll be easy to see and visible no matter how many uses or washes the measuring cup goes through.

If you’re in the market for a new measuring cup, always purchase one that has the scale built into the mold. Not only will this increase the life expectancy of your measuring cup, but you’ll also have more accurate pours each and every time.

  1. Strong Materials

When purchasing a measuring cup, you want to ensure it will withstand the heating and cooling process. The stronger the materials of the cup are, the more likely it is to retain its shape and size when going through different temperature changes.

Accuracy is important when talking about the size of your measuring cup. If the cup expands and contracts too much or too often, you’re going to be left with a warped item that can’t accurately measure. Always purchase a measuring cup made with strong materials that won’t change shape.

  1. FDA Approval

If you plan on using your measuring cup in the food industry, you want to be sure it meets the expectations laid out by the Food and Drug Administration. Because there are only certain materials you can use in a restaurant or food production factory, you need to ensure your measuring cup is approved by the FDA.

Food-grade materials is important for the safety of your customers and your business. Don’t risk your health or the success of your company by purchasing the wrong measuring cup.

Axiom Products and Your Measurement Needs

At Axiom Products, we know just how important accurate pours are, so we always strive to deliver the best products possible to our customers and clients. That is why it is our priority to create high-quality measuring cups that won’t warp, change shape, or lose their scale.

All Axiom Products Accu-Pour retain their shape up to 2% of the original size. When you’re looking to minimize the expansion and contraction of your measuring cup, the lower the change, the better. We also include our measurement scales in the molds of each product. This means you don’t need to worry about your measurements rubbing off during use or in the wash.

Don’t risk making inaccurate pours because of a faulty measuring cup. If you’re in need of a custom imprinted scale, contact Axiom Products today to get started on your project. With a variety of measuring product needs, we can ensure you’re making accurate pours each and every time.