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Highest Quality Chemical Handling Gear

Accutech Spray Bottles

  • Splash Proof Chemical Safety Goggles
  • Accurate Measuring Cups & Pitchers
  • Chemical Safety Gloves
  • 2-Quart Hand Sprayers
  • Survey Marking Flags

Accu-Tech provides the ultimate in safety to our users. Whether you are spraying or handling chemicals, key considerations are confidence in control and safeguard from harm. Accu-Tech products are carefully manufactured to ensure both protection and precision.

Chemical Hand Sprayers

Creating high-quality, easy to use hand sprayers was key as we developed our 2-quart models and their inner seals to handle harsher chemicals. These superior sprayers are easy to fill and pump with an adjustable nozzle from fine mist to stream. These sprayers are excellent for applications including degreasing and cleaning agents, solvents, pest control and coatings.

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