Which Measuring Container Do I Need?

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Accurately measuring chemicals in the field is a difficult task. Uneven terrain and weather conditions impact your accuracy, and inconsistent measurements hamper efficiency and create health risks for workers and the public. Finding the right measuring container is essential in providing consistent measurements in the field. While measuring pitchers work great in contained areas, they aren’t designed for storage in vehicles or cabinets like containers. In this blog, we’ll review different types of measuring tools to help guide your decision.

Tip-and-Pour Containers

Tip-and-pour containers are sealed measuring containers that work by tipping the container to fill the measuring chamber until you reach the desired level. This allows the user to pour with confidence. These containers are durable and are built to withstand various chemicals across multiple industries.

Industries That Use Tip-and-Pour Containers

The user-friendly qualities of tip-and-pour measuring containers make them a popular measuring tool across various industries, including:


The agricultural industry requires fertilizer and pesticides to increase crop yield. Precise and accurate measurement helps provide growers peace of mind that pours are accurate every time. These containers also offer convenient storage for dangerous chemicals when not in use.

Lawn and Turf

The lawn and turf industry frequently handle seed, fertilizer, and pesticides on landscapes. Improper measuring impacts a lawn’s appearance and exposes the user to health risks. Tip-and-pour measuring containers make it easy to measure on the go and store chemicals in vehicles or chemicals.

Squeeze-and-Pour Measuring Bottles

Squeeze-and-pour measuring bottles are twin neck measuring containers that easily dispense chemicals and soaps on the go. These types of measuring tools are very user friendly. You just squeeze the bottle until the chamber is filled to the preferred height and pour. Squeeze-and-pour measuring containers are ideal if you’re looking for secure measurements without the risks of spills and offer convenient storage in vehicles and cabinets.

Industries That Use Squeeze-and-Pour Measuring Bottles

Similar to tip-and-pour containers, squeeze-and-pour measuring bottles feature user-friendly characteristics that make them popular across various industries, including:


Growers use squeeze-and-pour measuring containers because they have the durability to handle pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. Containers with squeeze-and-pour functionalities consistently provide accurate measurements and are ideal for working in the field.

Food Service

The food service industry requires accurate measurements to comply with federal and state safety regulations and avoid lawsuits. Squeeze-and-pour measuring bottles ensure accuracy in every step of the food service process and provide peace of mind by securely storing food and cleaning supplies.

Want to learn more about our chemical measuring containers? Contact Axiom Products today and see how our durable tools provide accurate measurements every time.

Types of Measuring Tools Offered by Axiom Products

Axiom knows how important accurate and precise chemical measuring is to your business, which is why we offer industry-leading chemical measuring containers that guarantee accurate measuring every time. We accomplish this by building measuring scales into the product molds—this ensures that every product and graduation is identical and eliminates faded markings. Our selection of measuring tools include:

Tip-and-Pour Containers

We know the importance of durable tip-and-pour measuring containers, which is why we make ours with high-density polyethylene plastic. This cost-effective material provides excellent chemical resistance and is considered one of the safest plastic containers for storage.

Squeeze-and-Pour Measuring Bottles

Our squeeze-and-pour measuring bottles are also made from high-density polyethylene plastic and provide security without compromising accuracy. These measuring containers are considered one of the safest plastic containers for food storage and eliminate the risk of leaking chemicals.

PVC Gloves

Axiom offers a full line of PVC and nitrile gloves that are long-lasting and chemical resistant. We designed our gloves to handle regular use while delivering unmatched performance in every environment. Other benefits of our gloves include:

  • Individually packed for enhanced sanitation
  • Extended cuffs to protect from chemical splashes
  • Improved grip for handling small or wet objects

Keep Your Employees Safe With Axiom’s Measuring Containers

Axiom Products is a family-owned and -operated company that’s been providing high-quality agricultural and industrial safety equipment and measuring tools since 2004. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and remain committed to providing industry-leading chemical handling and measuring equipment to help businesses protect their workers. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading chemical measuring containers.