The Importance of Marking Flags

Pink triangular flag flying in the wind

Marking flags play an important role in multiple industries. They maintain safety by alerting workers about hazard locations. These flags come in various colors, with each color signifying a different warning. Learn more about the industries that use marking flags and the meaning of each color.

Construction Flags

The American Public Works Association (APWA) recommends using marking flags on construction projects to maintain safety. These utility flags are color coded and help workers easily identify the location of underground utilities. Here’s a guide on the meaning of construction flags:


Red is one of the most common marking flags and signifies the location of electric utilities, including cables and power lines. Marking these locations helps avoid electrocution and power outages.


General contractors place white marking flags around a construction site to signify excavation locations. The size of a white flagged area helps provide information on the project’s size.


Construction companies use pink flags as temporary survey markings. Surveyors measure a site and use these flags to mark their measurements for quality assurance. Pink flags also signify unidentified utilities.


Yellow flags serve an important purpose for the construction industry: They alert workers about the location of gaseous utility lines, including petroleum and steam. These flags help eliminate the risk of gas leaks and explosions.


Construction companies don’t want to be responsible for cutting off communication systems, which is why they use orange flags to mark off locations of phone and TV cable lines.


Blue flags play a critical role in construction projects since they mark the location of drinking water lines. Damaging these utility lines creates flooding issues and could restrict water access to homes and commercial companies.


Purple marking flags signal the location of irrigation and reclaimed water lines to onsite workers.

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Agriculture Marking Flags

Growers and farm operators are encouraged to use agriculture field marker flags to show workers the locations of safe fields and which herbicide technologies have been used. Each marking flag color has an attached meaning to enhance safety on farms. These colors include:


Red is used to warn workers to exercise extreme caution, and conventional varieties with no herbicide technology traits were used.


Farmers use bright yellow marking flags to alert workers that Clearfield® rice or STS® soybean technologies were used.


A white marking flag is used in the agriculture industry to represent that the Roundup Ready® used in the field is tolerant to glyphosate herbicide.


A white marking flag is used in the agriculture industry to represent that the Roundup Ready® used in the field is tolerant to glyphosate herbicide.


Teal flags alert workers that the chemicals used must be tolerant to 2, 4D, and FOP herbicides. Some teal flags include white stripes, which indicate tolerance to glyphosate.


Bright green flags are displayed to alert that glufosinate herbicide tolerant Liberty Link® technology was used.

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