Importance of Industrial Safety Products

Industrial Safety Products

Production systems typically involve heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals, and other sensitive materials during their daily operations. These items create hazards for employees. Equipping workers with industrial safety products is an effective way of preventing injuries at your facility. Read more about common safety products and the selection offered by Axiom.

Industrial Safety Gloves

There are an estimated 1 million hand injuries in the workplace each year. These injuries range from cuts to hand fractures. Making sure employees working with dangerous chemicals or equipment wear safety gloves protects them from multiple hazards, including:

Sharp Objects

Safety gloves are designed from durable materials that resist punctures. Verifying your workers wear gloves while working with dangerous equipment can prevent significant injury.

Harmful Chemicals

Many industrial plants work with harmful chemicals that are dangerous to workers. Supplying your facility with chemical-proof gloves protects your workers from severe burns or absorption in the event of direct contact.

Extreme Heat

Some industrial processes feature extreme temperature changes that permanently damage the skin if proper protection isn’t used. Industrial safety gloves serve as barriers that block hazards from contacting skin and muscle tissue. Safety gloves also keep your hands dry and improve grip when working in damp environments.

Industrial Safety Glasses

A CDC study found that 2,000 job-related eye injuries occur every day. Mandating that employees wear lab safety goggles protects their eyes from the following hazards:

Foreign Objects

Many industries use heavy machinery that generates dust, cement chips, metal slivers, and other small debris. These materials are ejected by tools and can scrape the eye if proper protective eyewear isn’t used. Large objects striking an unprotected eye have the potential to cause significant damage.

Bright Lights

Some industrial processes create high-intensity light that’s harmful to the eyes. Wearing proper eye protection limits your exposure to direct light.

Chemicals and Pesticides

Employees working with chemicals or pesticides should always wear industrial safety glasses. These items irritate the eyes and cause inflammation and blurry vision if direct contact occurs.

Want to learn more about our industrial safety products? Contact Axiom today and see how our lab safety goggles and gloves enhance employee safety.

Industrial Safety Products Offered by Axiom

Partnering with a reputable supplier is the best way to ensure your workplace always has the necessary protection products. As a leading supplier of industrial safety products, Axiom offers a wide variety of equipment that enhances employee safety, including:


We understand that many businesses need a steady supply of chemical-proof gloves. That’s why we offer a wide variety of durable PVC and nitrile gloves capable of performing in any environment. Some of the benefits of our gloves include:

  • Improved grip for handling wet objects
  • Extended cuffs for enhanced splash resistance
  • All-day comfort for several applications


Protecting your eyes from chemical splashes is a top priority for industrial managers. We have a selection of ready-to-use goggles that meet or exceed chemical handling safety needs. Our products are designed for everyday use and are available in two options:

Indirect-Vented Goggles

We offer non-vented goggles ideal for applications that involve anhydrous ammonia or other vapor products. These goggles are built with an adjustable elastic strap and fit most head sizes.

Non-Vented Goggles

Our indirect-vented goggles feature side vents that improve airflow. This prevents fogging while protecting your eyes from harmful chemical splashes. These goggles can be worn alone or over prescription glasses.

ACCUPOUR Measuring Products

Having the right measuring equipment is an effective way of preventing unwanted chemical spills. Axiom’s ACCUPOUR chemical measuring products provide unparalleled accuracy and are built for long-term use. Our measuring products are made from high-density polypropylene and are available in three options:

Measuring Cups and Scoops

We offer cups and scoops for measuring smaller quantities of chemicals. Our measuring scoops and cups are chemically resistant and consistently deliver reliable measurements.

Measuring Pitchers

Our industry-leading measuring pitchers feature an ergonomic design that provides consistently accurate measurements. The versatile spout provides pouring control ranging from a fine trickle to a fast pour.

Measuring Containers

Axiom offers tip-and-pour and squeeze-and-pour containers that make measuring in the field safe and effective. These items are ideal for the agriculture, lawn and turf, and food service industries.

Axiom Products: Delivering Unparalleled Industrial Safety Products Since 2004

Axiom Products has been supplying high-quality safety equipment since 2004. We’re committed to helping our clients prioritize safety by offering the best chemical handling and measuring tools. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial safety products.