What Do the Different Colored Survey Flags Mean?

Seven different colored flags in the grass

Marking flags serve many purposes for various industries. However, they mean something different for lawn and turf, agricultural, and research industries than for other industries. Throughout this blog, we’ll learn what each survey flag color means and why it’s important.

What’s the Reasoning for Different Land Survey Flag Colors?

Field-based companies follow the Flag the Technology method, which uses temporary survey marking flags to prevent misapplication of pesticides and warn employees and pedestrians of sensitive technologies. The primary objectives of the Flag the Technology program are to reduce herbicide application errors and to foster good community relations.

As technology continues to advance the way we manage weeds in crops, it’s essential that we use color-coded survey flags to mark what crops are herbicide-tolerant. This reduces the risk of adding herbicides to crops that will stunt their growth.  

Survey marking flags come in numerous colors, and each color represents a different technology. Since there are many different marking flag colors, it can be hard to know what each color means. Here are each of the flag marker colors and what they signify:


Red flags mark the ground to signify conventional varieties with no herbicide technology traits. When approaching an area with red flags, it’s important to yield extreme caution.


White flags represent the presence of Roundup Ready™ technology. This technology is tolerant to glyphosate or Roundup® herbicide.

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Bright Green

Bright green flags indicate the presence of Liberty Link™ technology. This technology is tolerant to glufosinate (Liberty®) herbicide.

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow flags are the chosen color for Clearfield™ rice technology and STS™ soybeans. However, although many herbicides are in the ALS family, crops with this technology are not tolerant to all ALS herbicides.

A yellow flag spotted in a grain sorghum field signifies tolerance to Inzen™ brand grain sorghum from DuPont. This sorghum tolerates Zest® herbicides and has the active ingredient nicosulfuron.


Teal flags represent tolerance to both 2,4-D and FOP (ACCase) herbicides or the Enlist™ technology. These teal flags also have white stripes on the ends to indicate tolerance to glyphosate. For Enlist™ cotton and soybean fields, a green flag should be posted in addition to the teal flag to demonstrate tolerance to glufosinate (Liberty®).

Black and White Checkered Flags

Black and white checkered flags indicate tolerance to dicamba herbicide or Xtendimax®/Engenia®. The checkerboard look implies tolerance to both dicamba and glyphosate. Like the teal flag, a green flag should also be added to the black and white checkered flag to denote glufosinate (Liberty®) tolerance.


Purple flags symbolize Provisia™ rice from BASF, which tolerate Provisia® herbicides. These herbicides are harmful to both conventional and Clearfield™ rice. In addition, Provisia™ rice does not tolerate Clearfield™ herbicides. The active ingredient in Provisia® is quizalofop, an ACCase inhibitor. However, this technology does not condone all ACCase inhibitors.

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