Importance of the Triple-Rinse Method

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Businesses working with hazardous chemicals and pesticides must follow strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for container disposal using the triple-rinse method. But why is this practice important? Read more about why it’s necessary to rinse recycle and the solutions offered by Axiom Products.

Why Is It Necessary to Rinse Before Recycling?

Empty chemical containers still contain hazardous chemical residue that poses a safety risk to workers and the environment. To protect local communities and regulate hazardous waste management, the EPA passed the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in 1976. This piece of legislation defines an empty container as having the following characteristics:

  • Waste has been removed from the container using common practices
  • Less than 2.5 centimeters of material are in the container
  • No more than 3% by weight of the total capacity remains in the container

Industries That Use the Triple-Rinse Method


The agriculture industry uses pesticides and other chemicals to increase crop growth and repel bugs and rodents. The triple-rinse method removes any residual materials before recycling.

Lawn and Turf

Fertilizers and pesticides are staples in the lawn and turf industry, but these materials pose an environmental threat when not properly disposed of. The triple-rinse method makes sure your containers and drums are cleaned properly.


The healthcare industry uses hazardous cleaning agents and disinfectants to keep facilities safe. This raises the importance of triple rinsing because it protects patients and staff.


Warehouses and other industrial facilities that use hazardous chemicals should triple rinse containers because it protects employees and prevents dangerous materials from leaking into manufactured products.

Research and Scientific

The triple-rinse method is critical for the research and science industries because they frequently handle hazardous chemicals. Properly disposing of containers keeps work spaces clean and safe.

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How To Triple Rinse Containers

Before rinsing, make sure to turn the container over to remove any lingering chemicals trapped in the handle. Once it’s completely empty, you can begin the rinsing process:

  • Fill the empty container 25% full with clean water.
  • Replace the container cap and shake for 30 seconds.
  • Drain the water out of the container.
  • Pour clean water into the container again until 25% full.
  • Shake the container for 30 seconds again.
  • Drain water and then refill a third time with clean water.
  • Shake the container for 30 seconds for the last time.
  • Carefully rinse and spray residue and dispose of the container as regular solid waste.

How To Triple Rinse Drums

Triple rinsing drums is a more complicated process and often requires two people. Remember to empty the drum to its lowest level before starting this rinsing process:

  • Fill the drum with clean water until it’s 25% full.
  • Tip the drum on its side and roll it back and forth for 30 seconds.
  • Stand the drum up on its end and tip it back and forth several times.
  • Carefully empty the drum into a spray can.
  • Repeat the process two more times.
  • Puncture the drum’s base so it can’t be reused.

Benefits of the Triple-Rinse Method

Following the EPA’s guidelines gives businesses these benefits:

Increased Savings

Drip draining a pesticide container leaves as much as 3% of its contents. The triple rinse method prevents chemical waste since it allows workers to add rinsed water to the spray mix.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Properly rinsing containers reduces the risk of chemicals contaminating the soil or area water sources. Limiting hazardous waste exposure protects the local community and wildlife.

Enhanced Protection From Litigation

Failure to adhere to federal regulations on chemical container disposal exposes your business to fines, criminal penalties, and lawsuits. By practicing the triple-rinse method, you protect your company from costly penalties.

Is your triple-rinse method impacting your company’s productivity? Contact Axiom Products today and see how our Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle keeps your business compliant without sacrificing efficiency.

Increase Efficiency With Axiom’s Triple-Rinse Nozzle

Triple rinsing hundreds of chemical containers is tedious and time-consuming. Axiom solves that problem by offering the Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle. This hose attachment features triple-rinsing jet action that removes up to 99% of hazardous residue in under a minute and punctures metal and plastic containers with a sharp point. The Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle is the fastest, most efficient way to meet the EPA’s container disposal standards. This tool is also user-friendly and quickly renders containers unusable in these five easy steps:

  • Attach the nozzle to a garden or nurse tank hose.
  • Remove the protecting guard.
  • Puncture a hole in the container.
  • Press down on the handle and rinse for one minute.
  • Properly dispose of the container.
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