Importance of Chemical Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Having the right chemical gloves is critical for maintaining a safe working environment for employees. But how do you know which type of chemical-resistant glove is right for your business? Learn about the protective gloves available and the selection offered by Axiom.

Types of Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Wearing gloves when handling hazardous chemicals protects your workers from serious injury and burns. However, the type of chemical-resistant glove you wear depends on the job and materials. Here are the two main kinds of chemical gloves available and their primary applications:

PVC Coated Gloves

PVC gloves are manufactured from a blend of synthetic rubber and plasticizers and are ideal for non-hazardous applications. The food service and industrial industries prefer these gloves because they’re heavily resistant to water, oils, and fats and deliver a superior grip when wet. Other advantages provided by PVC gloves include:


PVC gloves are popular options because they’re extremely versatile. These chemical gloves offer a safe barrier during food preparation tasks and are anti-static, providing protection when working with wires and power cords.


These gloves are ideal for people with allergies because they’re made from latex-free materials.


PVC gloves are very durable because they have high thresholds for tearing, stretching, and puncturing.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are ideal for businesses that need enhanced protection from hazardous chemicals. These gloves protect against cuts and abrasions but aren’t effective against electric currents or heat. Some of the common uses for nitrile gloves include:


Some nitrile gloves are medical grade, making them ideal for in-depth healthcare exams and surgical procedures. These chemical gloves are easy to put on and offer superior flexibility.

Research and Science

Nitrile gloves offer superior protection from hazardous chemicals while enhancing grip stretch, making them perfect for research and lab applications.

Food Service

The food service industry uses nitrile gloves because they’re FDA-approved and have high puncture resistance even with extended use.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing Chemical Gloves

Finding the right chemical gloves for your facility requires careful consideration. Here are some things to consider during the glove selection process:


Degradation measures the change in a glove’s physical properties after experiencing contact with a chemical. These changes include hardening, stiffening, swelling, shrinking, or cracking, and choosing the wrong type of chemical-resistant glove increases the risk of exposure. Researching the degradation rating allows you to understand how well a glove holds up to certain hazardous materials.

Breakthrough Time

Breakthrough time is how long it takes for a harmful material to puncture the glove. Understanding this unit of measurement offers valuable insight into the level of hand protection a glove provides.

Permeation Rate

A glove’s permeation rate is the rate at which chemicals pass through the glove’s material once a breakthrough occurs. While PVC and nitrile gloves are available in various thickness levels, no glove is entirely impermeable.

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Need Nitrile or PVC Coating Gloves? Axiom Has What You Need!

Axiom Products understand the important role chemical gloves play in various industries. That’s why we offer an extensive line of PVC and nitrile gloves that provide unmatched chemical resistance and performance in any environment. Here are some of the product features offered by our chemical gloves:

  • Designed specifically for chemical handling applications
  • All-day comfort and protection
  • Improved grip when handling wet objects
  • Extended cuffs for maximized splash resistance

Our selection of gloves includes the following:

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Lined Nitrile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Our lined nitrile gloves offer all-day protection and feature a textured grip for better holding capacity on wet or dry items. These gloves have a flock lining interior for improved comfort, are easy to take off, and are manufactured with extended cuffs for enhanced splash resistance.

Unlined Nitrile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

We recommend our unlined nitrile gloves for jobs that require spray nozzles and other delicate parts. These gloves range from small to 2XL and resist snags, punctures, abrasions, and cuts.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

We designed our disposable nitrile gloves to be powder free, minimizing hand residue and increasing comfort. These gloves also provide the ideal thickness for many industrial and hard-working environment applications.

PVC Gloves

We double dip our PVC gloves to develop a rough grip that delivers superior performance in any environment. These gloves are ideal for industrial applications because they offer enhanced protection against acids, fats, and petroleum hydrocarbons.

Axiom Products: Providing High-Quality Chemical Safety Equipment Since 2004

Axiom Products has become the leading choice for chemical safety equipment because we offer superior products, industry-leading innovation, and unmatched customer service. Along with our extensive line of chemical gloves, we also offer the following product to enhance safety at your facility:


Our indirect-vented goggles are designed with side vents that prevent fogging while protecting the user’s eyes from chemical splashes. With an adjustable rubber strap, these goggles comfortably fit most head sizes.

Indirect-Vented goggles

We manufacture and distribute two different types of goggles that exceed the chemical handling safety requirements of multiple industries:

Non-Vented Goggles

We offer non-vented goggles ideal for jobs that use anhydrous ammonia and other chemicals that increase the risk of vapor exposure. These goggles can be worn over prescription glasses and have an adjustable elastic strap that fits most users.

Measuring Products

Accurate measurements and precise pours are critical for maintaining safety in multiple industries. Our measuring products are made from high-density polypropylene, which makes them food safe and chemical resistant. From pitchers to cups and scoops, our measuring tools verify you get accurate measurements with every use.

Contact Axiom today to learn more about our industry-leading line of chemical gloves and other safety products.