Axiom’s New Retail Displays: What’s In-store

Axiom Products Retail Display

Axiom’s New Retail Displays: What’s In-store

If you’re a fan of Accu-Tech and Accu-Pour products, we are excited to share that we are rolling out point of purchase retail displays across the nation starting this spring. This means that when you go to your local stores to purchase Axiom Products, they will be conveniently displayed together for easy selection.

The displays will also offer a smart solution for retailers that do not currently partner with Axiom interested in carrying our products. The eye-catching displays can be easily shopped, restocked and updated with additional products as stores sell through these chemical measuring pitchers and safe handling items. Because we understand that launching new products can be daunting, we are here to support new retailers in a variety of ways to ensure the process goes off without a hitch.

“It was important for us to offer our retail partners an easy way to present Axiom products in their stores. These displays will make it much simpler to organize and display multiple Axiom products together without wasting precious retail floor space. And, since Accu-Tech and Accu-Pour products truly complement each other, customers can treat it as a one-stop shop,” explained Tim Paskewitz, President of Axiom Products.

Because our products are widely used by the scientific, agriculture, food, and medical industries, we understand the importance of getting accurate measurements and safe pours every time, and in every situation. That is why we developed Accu-Pour measuring pitchers to stand up to the toughest challenges. And it was our customers that inspired the creation of Accu-Tech, our line of safety products.

We saw a clear need to develop Accu-Tech safety tools because so many of our customers use our measuring containers with a material or substance that requires hand or eye protection. Whether you are spraying or handling chemicals, protection and control are always on your mind – and ours. Accu-Tech products are carefully engineered to ensure both. Our goggles, gloves and hand sprayers are designed for no loss of performance or dexterity because when you’re handling hazardous substances, confidence in execution and capabilities is vital.

Axiom Products is a family-owned and operated company specializing in bringing the highest quality agricultural and industrial safety and measuring tools to our customers. From accurate measuring to safety equipment, we offer tools you can count on. With a variety of chemical handling products, Axiom can ensure you’re making safe, accurate measures and pours each and every time. If you are interested in locating a store near you that carries our products or becoming a retail partner with Axiom, please contact us today to learn more.