Accu-Tech Safety Equipment: Your High-quality Chemical Handling Gear

photo pf woman using Accu-Tech gloves and goggles

Accu-Tech Safety Equipment: Your High-quality Chemical Handling Gear

You know that Axiom Products offers tools you can count on when it comes to accurate measuring and confident pouring. And, because so many of our customers use our Accu-Pour containers with a substance that requires hand or eye protection, we saw a clear need to develop Accu-Tech safety tools as the perfect companion tool. From splash protection goggles to chemically resistant gloves and from hand sprayers to safety flags, you can count on Accu-Tech in a variety of industries, functions, and applications.

Safety eyewear is a necessity when it comes to protecting your eyes from harm, and are often required in situations where potential hazards may exist in the lab or on the farm. Choosing the right goggles means taking into account how they will be used. Do you need splash protection and fog-free vents, or flexibility and non-vented for anhydrous ammonia applications? We’ve got both. Accu-Tech goggles are safe, functional, well-designed and high-quality offering the adjustability and security you need.

Because a lot of work is done with your hands, safety gloves are essential in the lab, agricultural and industrial settings, or medical facility. They must also be chosen with consideration for how they will be used. The right type of gloves for chemical handling or other tough environments offer hand safety to protect workers from exposure. Our Accu-Tech green nitrile and black nitrile gloves are an excellent combination of strength, grip, and security.

Hand Sprayers
Making the right choice when it comes to hand sprayers means choosing efficient, easy-to-use tools. It also means finding the right size for the application. Our two-quart hand sprayers are perfect for small jobs that require strong products. Long-lasting even when used with harsh chemicals, Accu-Tech hand sprayers are built to withstand dispensing a variety of substances from fine mist to stream. Our hand sprayers can even be custom imprinted with your logo to build company awareness.

Safety and Marking Flags
The bright, bold colors of Accu-Tech flags are visible even from far away. They can alert people to danger or guide them away from an area to be avoided for their protection. In addition to being eye-catching, Axiom’s Accu-Tech flags are also built to be sturdy and tolerate the environments where they need to be used. Accu-Tech flags can also be custom imprinted with your logo for company branding or with wording and numbers to guide workers or site visitors.

Accu-Tech provides the ultimate in carefully engineered and manufactured safety products to ensure you will get the job done. Whether you are spraying or handling chemicals, Accu-Tech provides both protection and precision.

Axiom Products has been providing safety and measuring solutions since 2004 to a variety of industries including agricultural, medical and industrial. Our goggles, gloves and hand sprayers are engineered for no loss of performance or dexterity because when you’re handling hazardous substances, confidence is vital. This commitment to your safety means that we go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best solutions for their unique needs to better run their businesses.

With a variety of products, Axiom can ensure you’re making safe, accurate measures and pours every time. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.