Uses and Applications of Chemical Measuring Cups

Chemical measuring cup pouring liquids

Chemical measuring cups aren’t just for measuring chemicals in a laboratory, but they aren’t your average kitchen tools either. They are specific, high-quality measuring tools for dry and liquid chemicals, powders, ingredients, medicines, and more. Chemical measuring cups are the perfect tool if you’re in an industry that needs to accurately and repeatedly measure specific compounds.

What Are Chemical Measuring Cups?

Chemical measuring cups are high-quality, food-safe, chemical-resistant containers that accurately measure and pour their contents. These specialty-made measuring cups, scoops, and containers are much better than your average stainless steel measuring spoon.

Labs, hospitals, and farms require specific equipment like companies that need office supplies and construction sites need tools. Those specific equipment pieces include chemical measuring cups, scoops, and containers.

Industries and Fields That Use Chemical Measuring Devices

A measuring cup for chemicals is different from your average kitchen cup set. Many industries and professions use these high-quality measuring devices because of their excellent accuracy, versatility, and repeatability. If an industry needs to measure substances precisely, they need the highest quality measuring products available.

Here are some of the industries that use chemical measuring cups:

Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture is a science and is a measured and complex industry. Producers and farmers must have accurate measurements when preparing pesticides, seeds, oil, and lubricants. Chemical measuring tools, gadgets, and cups allow them to do just that. These high-quality measuring devices allow producers to store seeds and chemicals almost anywhere, protecting their contents and the people who work around them.

Research and Lab Settings

Chemical measuring cups, graduated cylinders, and other measurement devices are staples in research and lab settings. Stoichiometry, the science of measuring quantities of the reactants and products in a chemical reaction, is a precise matter. If you need exactly 1/3 cup of a reactant for a solution, the amount needs to be exact.

When working with hazardous chemicals, solutions, and mixtures, measuring and pouring tools must be safe and precise. Faulty measurements and equipment can result in chemical burns and other lab-related injuries.

Food Service

Chemical measuring cups don’t always need to measure acids and volatile materials. Whether you’re measuring cooking oils or spices, measuring cups are perfect for portioning and preparing food. For certain recipes, especially baking, ingredient measurements must be precise to create the best possible outcome. Chemical measuring cups provide repeatable accuracy, unlike average measuring spoon sets, and ensure every meal will be prepared consistently.

Healthcare and Medicine

Personnel can’t make mistakes when operating in the healthcare and medical industries. Preventable mistakes can result in lawsuits, legal action, and disciplinary fines. Medicines, liquid and solid, have to be accurately measured depending on many variables—a patient’s weight, age, gender, condition, etc. Chemical measuring cups help healthcare workers, pharmacists, and lab technicians accurately measure and pour medicines, solutions, and other essential mixtures.

Axiom Products’ ACCUPOUR line of measuring products are made of high-density polypropylene, making them food safe and chemical-resistant, designed to withstand everyday use for various applications. Our products guarantee accurate pouring for dry and liquid substances every time. The scales on our ACCUPOUR measuring devices are part of the mold, meaning they won’t get worn away and measure the perfect amount every pour.

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How To Properly Clean and Store Chemical Measuring Devices

Chemical measuring cups are excellent because they aren’t designed to be thrown away or disposed of. Their high-quality material and design allow them to be cleaned, stored, and reused in the future.

Properly cleaning measuring devices is crucial. Any chemical residue or food contamination can cause problems if reused. To provide maximum effectiveness, chemical measuring cups should be jet rinsed with a nozzle (EPA regulations require chemical containers to be rinsed three times). Even though they are dishwasher safe, it’s advised to clean and rinse measuring cups and containers with proper equipment.

Chemical measuring cups are versatile and can be stored almost anywhere. Whether in a lab, kitchen, or in the field, these containers ensure their contents stay safe and protected. Chemical measuring cups can be refrigerated if working with food and ingredients or can be stored at room temperature for other compounds.

It’s essential to assess measuring tools for damage or deterioration. For example, the measuring scales can get rubbed off if they’re not molded or indented on the container’s surface, allowing inaccurate measurements to occur.

Summary of the Benefits of Chemical Measuring Cups

Chemical measuring cups:

  • Are high-quality, food-grade, and chemical-resistant
  • Can be custom made and branded for various purposes
  • Can be used to measure and pour dry or liquid ingredients, chemicals, seeds, and medicine
  • Are used in many industries like research, healthcare, agriculture, and food services
  • Should be triple rinsed with proper cleaning equipment to avoid contamination and adhere to EPA guidelines
  • Can be stored in many different environments and temperatures
  • Should be replaced if the measuring device or measurement markings are damaged

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