Industry Focus: Bakeries

baker baking cookies with mixing bowl in background and cookie cutter cookies in the foreground

Industry Focus: Bakeries

Mixing, baking and serving cupcakes, croissants, and cookies all day sounds like the perfect way to bring joy to many. The reality is lots of early mornings, constant creativity, and being covered in flour some days – and bringing happiness to hundreds!

With the demands of running a commercial bakery, pastry shop or wedding cake bakery, it’s essential to have the right tools at your fingertips to ensure that high standards are met every day. After all, what matters most is taste! Commercial baking requires precision for consistent products as well as meeting the profit margin. Axiom can deliver the tools you need to measure up to your customers’ expectations.

Measuring Pitchers and Scoops for Commercial Bakeries

If you’re already working hard on coming up with creative concepts and delicious ingredients for your customers, everything else should be simple. At Axiom Products, we have a wide array of pitchers, measuring cups, scoops, and containers designed to provide accurate measurements and precise pouring, both essential to keeping your batters and doughs precisely prepared every time.

bakery case

Our Accu-Pour measuring products feature debossed markings for stress-free measurement while easy-grip handles provide comfort and stability (even with a gloved hand), and a versatile spout offers excellent pouring control. These raised graduations won’t fade over time, and the open-bottom handle allows these pitchers to be stacked and stored in limited space in your kitchen. Since we know it’s essential to keep glass away from your mixing and baking area, all of our Accu-Pour products are made of high-quality, durable food-grade polypropylene.

You know it’s all about consistent flavors to get customers coming back for more. Whether our scoops, cups, and pitchers are being used for measuring for eggs, milks, flavorings, flours or grains, using the right tools is essential in creating reliable recipes.

baker rolling out cookie dough with rolling pin

We know the little stuff is important when it comes to creating a quality pastry or cake. Where commercial bakery owners don’t want to get burned is by buying inferior products. From purchasing top-notch ingredients to upgrading to the best equipment, spending to get a great result is often inevitable to be the best at what you do. Your team needs measuring cups and pitchers that don’t discolor or take on fragrances from different ingredients. You don’t want the lavender and lemon from your Parisian cupcakes lingering to your three-tiered, chocolate ganache wedding cake.

Best Food-safe Gloves for Bakeries

Using gloves in the commercial food industry is now commonplace. It’s easy to pick up a case of something cheap, but we all know you often get what you pay for. Accu-Tech gloves are made of nitrile, the glove material of choice for the food industry because it’s also less likely to cause the allergies associated with latex but is resistant to many of the same substances. Accu-Tech gloves are also powder free meeting food contamination prevention requirements.


With so many variables contributing to a bakery’s success, accuracy in measuring ingredients or safety in food handling shouldn’t be ones that keep you up at night. Because your bakers often hold your establishment’s food cost in their hands, it’s important to deliver quality gear for everyone to use. Axiom Products can help. We’ve got the tools you need to help keep everything running like clockwork.

We work with some of the finest suppliers in the United States to provide our top-of-the-line measuring products and safety tools for bakeries, and we would love to tell you more. Our products can help ensure your finest cronuts, macarons, pies, and cake pops are coming out of the kitchen each and every time. Please contact us today to learn more or call 877-429-9579.