Industry Focus: Axiom Products for Medical Research and Healthcare

A female with her back turned away from the camera wearing a white coat in a laboratory setting.

Industry Focus: Axiom Products for Medical Research and Healthcare

Doctors, nurses, researchers, and other medical professionals work year-round to provide quality care to the public. When accuracy and safety are crucial, you can rely on our Accu-Pour and Accu-Tech products to meet the high standards required of the healthcare industry.

In many other jobs, a mistake is an annoyance that can easily be moved on from, but we know that when it comes to healthcare and medicine, there is no room for error. An inaccurate measurement can lead to a misdiagnosis or even death. At Axiom, we confidently recommend our products to provide reliable accuracy and safety with every use.


Consistency with Accu-Pour Pitchers and Measuring Cups

Accu-Pour products offer high chemical resistance making our measurement tools ideal for the healthcare and medical research industries. Our wide array of pitchers, measuring cups, scoops, and containers are designed to provide precise pouring and accurate measurements. Accu-Pour measuring products feature debossed markings for effortless reading, easy grip handles that provide comfort and stability (even with a gloved hand) and a versatile spout that offers excellent pouring control. Raised graduations will not fade over time, and our open-bottom handle allows pitchers to be easily stacked and stored – maximizing your workspace. Whether you are measuring a patient’s medication or working with chemicals in a laboratory, Axiom’s Accu-Pour measuring tools will offer precise results with every use.

When it comes to medical research, there is no room for error. Using the best and most precise measuring devices leads to success in developing new medicines and procedures or improving on current methods. In the laboratory, an inaccurate measurement can jeopardize years of important work or lead to unreliable conclusions.  The medical community works tirelessly when it comes to conducting research that will lead to combatting disease and curing ailments. At Axiom, we support these efforts and are proud to make products to help assist in these important endeavors.

Peace of Mind with Accu-Tech Safety Gear

As a healthcare professional, you face a number of safety and health hazards daily. From bloodborne pathogens and biological hazards to radioactive material, Axiom Products knows the importance of safety at work. Accu-Tech products provide the ultimate in safety gear. Our goggles fit over prescription glasses and offer splash protection all while being comfortable and durable. In addition, Axiom’s Accu-Tech gloves help prevent snags, punctures, abrasions, and cuts. They are chemical resistant and designed to grip both wet and dry surfaces. Providing the best in safety gear means peace of mind for our customers — and that is always our goal.

We Appreciate You

The healthcare community is an irreplaceable bedrock of society. A combination of precision and safety goes a long way in furthering research, treating patients and staying healthy so you can help others. At Axiom Products, we appreciate all that you do and want to help you succeed by providing a variety of top-of-the-line measuring products and safety tools.

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