How To Wash Reusable Gloves

reusable white cloth gloves

High-quality reusable gloves are great for handling chemicals of all sorts. With reusable gloves, you can wash and reuse them time and time again. Here are some glove cleaning practices to ensure your gloves stay in good condition.

How To Wash Nitrile Gloves

Step 1

Nitrile gloves should be washed in a sink, not a washing machine; washing machines risk damaging your gloves. You should also clean the gloves in cold water because warm water can reduce the longevity of your gloves. In addition, it’s best to use mild laundry detergent or dishwashing soap to clean them. 

Step 2

Bleach and solvents should not be used as oxidizing agents because they can cause glove discoloration. Discoloration of gloves makes them unusable because it offers less protection. 

Step 3

Air-dry the gloves instead of using a heated machine dryer. Air-drying reusable gloves are ideal because it reduces the risk of material shrinkage. Proper sizing of gloves is crucial for full coverage. 

How To Wash Rubber Work Gloves

Step 1

While you’re still wearing the rubber gloves, scrub the outside of them with soap (or a mild detergent) and hot water. Remove all the dirt, germs, and other materials off the gloves’ surface and thoroughly rinse the gloves after you feel like they’re as clean as they can be. 

Step 2

Take the gloves off your hands and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Step 3

Turn the gloves inside out and soak them in a soap and water mixture for several minutes. 

Step 4

Determine a safe location for the gloves to hang and dry. If you hang them to dry in an open environment, you risk contamination. Make sure the gloves are completely dry before continuing to the next step.

Step 5

Wipe the exterior of the gloves with a sanitizing or disinfecting solution. Remember to follow the sanitizing instructions and make sure the sanitizing product is safe to use on rubber. Clean and disinfect your hands with soap and warm water directly after sanitizing the gloves.

Step 6

Store the gloves in a clean, dry, and cool area; this prevents contamination. Gloves should not be stored under direct sunlight. 

Step 7

Check the gloves for puncture, discoloration, and tears, so you don’t risk glove misuse. This is especially important when working with hazardous chemicals because they can cause significant irritation to your skin. 

Step 8

Before using the gloves, wash your hands with soap and warm water to minimize unwanted bacteria from entering the gloves. 

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Why Should I Wash My Gloves?

Washing reusable gloves offer many benefits, including:

  • Extending the life of your PPE: Washing gloves after each use gets rid of contaminants. If contaminants stay on gloves for too long, it could cause a lot of wear and tear and shorten the gloves’ lifespan. 
  • Sustaining proper hygiene: Like any other article of clothing, if you leave gloves on for too long, they start to gather an odor. Washing gloves removes odor-causing bacteria and allows you to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Reducing the risk of infection: If hazardous contaminants remain on your gloves, you risk the chance of contracting an infection or injury. Washing gloves greatly reduces this risk.
  • Maintaining a professional appearance: Washing gloves and other personal protection equipment (PPE) helps you maintain a sleek, professional appearance. This may be beneficial to your company image if you consistently interact with others.
  • Cost savings: Disposable gloves and other PPE are costly. Reusable gloves allow you to save money and are also environmentally friendly.  

Where Can I Find Washable Gloves?

Axiom Products is your leading provider of reusable, washable gloves and other safety products. Our line of reusable PVC and nitrile gloves for chemical handling are designed to withstand regular use while delivering unparalleled resistance and performance in any environment for any industry.

Our gloves provide the following features:

  • Custom designed specifically for chemical handling
  • All-day comfort and protection for a range of applications
  • Improved grip even when wet or handling small objects
  • Individually packaged for easy display, sale, and sanitation
  • Extended cuffs for improved splash resistance

If you prioritize high-quality chemical handling solutions, look at our catalog of gloves below to determine which style will work best for your business.

Lined Nitrile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Lined nitrile chemical-resistant gloves obtain a thickness of 15 Mil and are 13 inches long. They are easy to take on and off and have a flock lining for enhanced comfort. In addition, its textured grip enables you to grip wet or dry items firmly.

Unlined Nitrile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Unlined nitrile chemical-resistant gloves obtain a thickness of 13 Mil and are 13 inches long. They are resistant to snags, punctures, abrasions, and cuts. In addition, they’re designed to work well with sprayer nozzles and other small parts.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Even though we support washable, reusable gloves, we understand they aren’t always the best option. Our disposable nitrile gloves have a thickness of 5 Mil and are ideal for industrial and hard-working environments. In addition, the thickness offers improved tactility over other options, and they are powder-free to reduce hand residue.

PVC Gloves

PVC gloves are 12 inches long and protect against most acids, fats, and petroleum hydrocarbons. They’re double dipped with a rough grip for superior performance when wet and are ideal for handling anhydrous ammonia.

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