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  • Splash Proof Chemical Safety Goggles
  • Accurate Measuring Cups & Pitchers
  • Chemical Safety Gloves
  • 2-Quart Hand Sprayers
  • Survey Marking Flags

Accu-Tech provides the ultimate in safety to our users. Whether you are spraying or handling chemicals, key considerations are confidence in control and safeguard from harm. Accu-Tech products like disposable chemical resistant gloves are carefully manufactured to ensure both protection and precision.

Chemical Resistant Gloves

Green nitrile unlined 13 Mil, 13” glove

Green nitrile 13 Mil, 13” unlined chemical resistant glove

  • An excellent combination of chemical resistance and strength
  • Resist snags, punctures, abrasions, and cuts
  • Delivers an excellent chemical protection with grip, fit and comfort
  • Designed to work well with sprayer nozzles and other small parts to make wet or slippery jobs simpler
  • SM-2XL / Order #GC30002
Green nitrile lined 13 Mil, 13” glove

Green nitrile 15 Mil, 13” lined glove

  • Lining provides comfort and easy on and off
  • Textured grip gives better hold on wet or dry items
  • SM-2XL / Order #GC30022
black safety gloves

Black PVC Double Dipped Rough Grip 12”

  • Tough black PVC protects against most acids, fats, and petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Excellent against abrasion and providing strong grip in wet and dry uses
  • Great choice for mining, auto, refining, and construction industries
  • XL / Order #GC30055
Disposable Black Nitrile, 4 Mil Powder Free

Disposable Black Nitrile, 5 Mil Powder Free

  • Black color is perfect for industrial and other hard-working environments
  • 5-mil thickness offers first-rate sensitivity and hand protection
  • Powder free for reducing hand residue
  • S-XL / Order #GD32003

Download our glove sizing chart for the perfect fit!

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