Unparalleled Precision, Accuracy, and Safety in Chemical Handling

Axiom Products supplies industry-best chemical measuring pitchers, containers, and safety products that deliver unparalleled precision and accuracy with every pour.

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ACCUPOUR Measuring Products: Pour With Precision and Accuracy

We designed our ACCUPOUR line of measuring pitchers, containers, cups, and scoops to deliver two of the most important things when it comes to chemical handling: precision and accuracy. The accuracy of our products ensures that what you pour goes exactly where you need it. The precision of our products guarantees that the amount you pour is the exact amount you need.

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Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing Nozzle: Clean and Compliant

If your organization is subject to EPA compliance requirements, you already know that the triple-washing mandate can quickly become a time-consuming, inefficient task. Our Jet Rinse Triple-Rinsing nozzle removes 99% of chemical residue in a minute, making it easy to remain EPA compliant when recycling or discarding chemical containers.

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Accu-Tech Safety Products: Pour Safely With Confidence

Precision and accuracy are critical when handling chemicals, but it doesn’t matter how precise and accurate you are if you aren’t doing the job safely. Our Accu-Tech line of chemical handling safety products ensures you have the tools you need to prioritize safety together with accuracy and precision.


Superior Safety and Measuring Tools

Since 2004, Axiom Products has been a leader in chemical handling innovation. We’re a family-owned and -operated company committed to serving the chemical measuring and safety needs of a growing network of national retailers, global enterprises, local agricultural operations, chemical manufacturers, and more. Whether you need ten measuring pitchers or ten thousand, we’re here to help you find the right solution, and we can leverage a wide range of customization capabilities to turn the idea in your head into a practical product in your hands.

Industries We Serve

Precision, Safety, and Accuracy for any Industry. While our measuring and safety products are most popular in these industries, our chemical-resistant, food-safe pitchers, containers, scoops and cups are designed to get any job done.


Whether measuring pesticides or fertilizer, crop yields are at stake when the ratios aren’t right. Our chemical-resistant products provide consistency and reliability when pouring and mixing in the barn or the field, and we also offer field marking flags to help you visually track land use and spray applications at a distance.

Industrial and Commercial

In an industrial workplace, workers are already faced with dozens of workplace hazards. Axiom Products helps you mitigate the risks of any chemical handling tasks with customizable measuring pitchers, containers, scoops, and cups that can be customized with your brand or safety and compliance requirements.

Food Service

Our measuring products are made from polypropylene that’s built to withstand daily use in a commercial kitchen. With raised graduations, our products provide precise measurements for a range of ingredient quantities and batch sizes with pitchers and containers from 4 ounces (110 mL) to 3 gallons (12 L).

Healthcare and Medical

When you work in healthcare or medicine, lives are at stake when mistakes are made, and you have little to no room for error. Axiom Products designed a line of chemical handling equipment that minimize the risk of mistakes when measuring, mixing, or disposing of substances while protecting your team from potential exposure.

Research and Science

Professionals in science and research require uncompromising precision, accuracy, and safety with every measurement and each pour, particularly when mixing and working with chemicals. Axiom Products is the preferred chemical handling equipment supplier of scientists and researchers across the nation because our products deliver just that.

Retail Stores

Axiom Products stocks a complete line of retail ready measuring pitchers, containers, scoops, and cups, ready to ship within 48 hours to stock at your store. We also offer customized product imprinting and branded product shelves to provide customers with a one-stop chemical handling shop, complete with measuring tools and safety equipment, at your store.

Lawn and Turf

If you operate a lawn, turf, or snow removal business, your employees work with many different chemicals, but they have to do so safely with the right tools for the jobs. Our chemical handling products are designed to deliver accuracy and precision in any environment and built to withstand everyday use, impact, and abrasion.

Fortune 500 Case Study

We partnered with a Fortune 500 company to custom design a snap-on cap for one of their existing agricultural product bottles. The cap featured a full-wrap imprint with the company logo and product-specific measuring scale, and we continue to produce hundreds of thousands of these for the client each year.

Custom Branding Case Study

An international food service company contacted us because they were looking for a way to promote the launch of a new product with a custom food-grade pitcher. Using our ACCUPOUR pitcher as a starting point, we customized the product to match their new product brand standards in a matter of weeks—well ahead of the product launch.