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At Axiom Products, we’re committed to meeting the diverse needs of every business – from small operations to Fortune 500 companies. From our Accu-Pour pitchers to our custom measuring products and imprinting solutions, we’ve satisfied hundreds of clients over the past decade. Here are just a few examples of the success you’ll see when you work with us.

Case Study 1

Who: A Fortune 500 Company in The Chemical Industry

What: Custom Snap-On Cap with Full-Wrap Imprint

Application: Bottling Agriculture Chemicals for the Industry

A Fortune 500 company in the chemical industry came to Axiom Products looking for a custom snap-on plastic cap with a full-wrap imprint. The cap had to be designed to fit an existing bottle used for agriculture chemicals. Faced with a quick turnaround, we mastered the product and created a full-wrap imprint including company logo and product-specific measuring scales. The custom cap provided the exact functionality the client needed, and Axiom Products continues to produce hundreds of thousands of this custom product annually.

Case Study 2

Who: A Leading International Beverage Company

What: Imprinted Accu-Pour Pitcher

Application:  Food Grade Pitcher to Promote a New Product

A global beverage company needed a food grade measuring pitcher with a custom imprint to support the launch of a new product. Axiom Products worked closely with the client to create a proof that matched the desired look and functionality. Our food grade Accu-Pour pitcher was the ideal starting point for this project. Our custom imprinting provided the perfect finishing touch the client needed to promote their brand. By establishing open lines of communication during the entire design process, we were able to complete the job within a matter of weeks, well before the launch date.

Case Study 3

Who: A Large Chemical Company

What: Custom Calibration Tray

Application: Measure The Flow Rate of a Sprayer for Product Testing

A large chemical company came to Axiom Products looking for a custom calibration tray to measure the flow rate of their sprayers. Although we had never made this type of product before, we welcomed the challenge and quickly adapted to their needs. By working closely with the client, we were able to meet their needs by creating a custom calibration tray that provided the precise measurements required to complete their product testing.

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